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The Son Also Rises - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

President Laura Roslin starts to pick names out of a hat to be part of the tribunal that tries Doctor Gaius Baltar and it brings a smiles to Col. Saul Tigh face when he learns that Commander William Adama has been picked as part of the tribunal committee.

The first lawyer that is selected is killed in a terrorist explosion on board a Colonial Raptor that was due to take him off the Battlestar Galactica 2003. A new lawyer, Romo Lampkin takes up the role of being Gaius's lawyer. Captain Lee Adama is appointed to be Romo's bodyguard for the duration of the trial. Lee is still grieving for the loss of Lieutenant Kara Thrace and occasionally keeps making mistakes.

Lampkin insists on seeing his client which Lee reluctantly agrees to and allows Romo and Baltar to use Lee's room as its not bugged. After the conversation, Romo insists on going to Colonial One to see the President.

As the group are boarding the Colonial Raptor, Romo's cat escapes his carrier and goes walkabouts on the deck. When the cat goes under the Raptor, Cpl. Tyrol discovers a bomb and everyone manages to get to safety.

Romo eventually meets the President and requests some files which will be delivered to Romo in good time. Romo returns to the Galactica.

When the paperwork that Romo requested arrives, Romo sifts through the paperwork incase there's a bomb. However, there is a bomb on a door that Romo is about to enter and is saved by a Colonial Marine. Romo is taken to the hospital where when Lee sifts through Romo's belongings finds an object which leads him to to Kelly who has been behind the campaign to kill all those trying to represent Gaius Baltar.

Now that the terrorist has been caught, Lee wants to help Romo but his father, William wants his son to return to duty. In the end, Lieutenant Helo takes on the role that Lee was doing, that is the role of C.A.G.

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