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The Spider`s Stratagem - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst on a routine diplomatic mission, the Andromeda Ascendant intercepts a smuggler, Rox Nava who is smuggling people. On closer inspection of the cargo, it seems that Rox is not transporting people but body armour.

Telemachus Rhade and Beka Valentine are sent using the Eureka Maru to deliver them. On the way there, Beka puts on a body armour which consumes her and takes over her mind and lights up her eyes.

After delivery the body armour, Telemachus finds it odd that all but one armour was handed over but Beka thinks its a miscount. On the way back to the Ascendant, Beka attacks Telemachus but he is able to defend himself and eventually free Beka from being mind-controlled.

Seamus Harper and Trance Gemini make brief guest appearances but don't contribute to the story in any other way. Seamus describes the smuggler as hot as per usual. Rommie makes an appearance to give guidance to Dylan but isn't in the main storyline.

Rox and Dylan Hunt visit a planet where they are attacked by a group of men. Dylan visits the top of a tower where there is a young woman, Cavava spinning yarn and helps her out of the tower. Whilst Dylan is investigating the tower, Nox is set upon by a group of men and where she handles herself admirably.

Onboard the Ascendant, Dylan Hunt confronts Cavava and it turns out shes a monster in disguise without a mouth, just a hole. The monster proves unproblematic for Dylan.

Episode Details

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