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Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth

Epsiode Synopsis

The Doctor and Donna Noble arrive on Earth when The Doctor realises something is wrong that Donna has met Rose Tyler and return to the Tardis. The Doctor discovers something is wrong and when he opens the TARDIS door, the Earth has gone.

All the Doctor companions on Earth including those at Torchwood notice something is amiss. When they look up at the sky, they notice that there are a lot of planets in the sky.

Unable to work out what has happened, the Doctor invokes the Shadow Proclamation which is the universe's police force, namely the Judoon, the Rhino-headed police thugs. Together the Doctor and the Shadows work out what has happened to the Earth. When the Doctor discovers the problem, he leaves the Shadow Proclamation without taking any of the police force with them. When the Doctor arrives at the location, there is nothing there, just a nebula.

Ex-Prime Minister, Harriet Jones calls on individual ex-companions of the Doctor excluding Rose Tyler as she can't get through to her to boost the signal to the Doctor which they suceed in doing. The Doctor is able to receive the signal and travel to the exact time and space where the Daleks are.

The Doctor lands on Earth where he comes face to face with the Daleks. The Doctor spots Rose Tyler and as he's running towards her, the Doctor is shot by a Dalek. The Dalek is destroyed by Captain Jack Harkness who then picks up the Doctor and takes him into the TARDIS to regenerate but not as a new person, just to repair.

Continued in Journey's End

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