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The Sum of Its Parts - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst travelling through a debris field, debris makes its way into the ship and combines to make a metal robot. The robot introduces himself as HG and wishes to take the Andromeda Ascendant to meet the rest of his kind. Reluctantly, Dylan Hunt agrees and allows HG to plug into Andromeda Ascendant to give her directions to the meeting point.

Once at the destination that HG had set, they are met by a massive space ship that sends an envoy onboard. The robot calls himself VX wishes Andromeda but the not the crew to join the Consensus of Parts. VX tells HG that his job is done and so must break up.

HG is broken apart but before he does so, he gives part of himself to members of the crew then leaves. Those bits he has given to other members take control of different parts of the ship. Seamus Harper is unable to come up with a plan to remove the parts.

VX leaves after failing to persuade Andromeda returns to his ship and fires missiles at the Andromeda. Tricking the VX into a false sense of winning, they submit then slipstream out of the place. The crew come up with a plan to allow HG control of the ship as they believe he wants to survive and therefore doesn't pose a threat to the Andromeda Ascendant.

The Consensus of Part follow and Andromeda slip streams a second time, Consensus of Parts follows. The second time they come out of a slipstream, they arrive where they first met HG. HG who controls Rommie when the ship was fired upon early manages to attract the debris and turn their ship into something capable of destroying the enemy ship. The CotP ship is destroyed then rebuilt with HG in command and Rommie back to herself.

Episode Details

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