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The Ties That Blind - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant comes to the aid of a striken ship and brings the occupants onboard the craft. Rev Bem recognises the man wearing a brown cloak as Serenity Vikram Singh Khalsa, a respected Wayist leader. Serenity is taken to the infirmary to be checked over by Trance Gemini.

The other member of the rescued ship, a man wearing a white cloak is recognised by Rebekah Valentine as Raphael Valentine, her brother. Rebekah can't believe her brother has changed from being the scroundrel that he was once to becoming a man of the cloth and believes he is up to something.

The stricken ship was on it ways to a peace conference between the Restorians (eco-terrorists) and the Free Trade Alliance when it was attacked.

Rafe steals the Eureka Maru to visit some people. Beka manages to use a small slip fighter to get on board the Eureka. The people he is meeting are wearing the same clothing that he arrived in. Those who Rafe meets tells him he must destroy the Andromeda but Rafe says its not part of the plan and backs out. Rafe and Beka discuss their past before returning to the Andromeda.

Rev finds information about Rafe and shares it with Beka. Beka confronts Rafe about it and explains that he is a spy working for the Free Trade Alliance. Rafe reveals that the real Serenity is dead and that the one onboard is an imposter.

Dylan orders that Serenity be bought to the bridge which Tyr Anasazi does but Serenity breaks down into nanobots and starts attacking the Andromeda. Rommie has gone off line and there's nothing Seamus Harper can do about it.

Restorian craft converge on the Ascendant and Rafe leaves in a craft. Rafe leaves in the ship he had just come in and Beka gives chase using the Eurka. Beka communicates with Rafe over an open channel in order for the Restorians to hear. Rafe transmits the Andromeda command codes to the Restorians who use the codes and then their missiles change course back onto themselves.

After the battle is over, Beka wants Rafe to stay but he doesn't want to.

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