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Doctor Who - The Time of Angels

Epsiode Synopsis

River Song is seen running along in a spaceship and then eventually exiting the spaceship through an airlock after being chased by security guards.

Its 12,000 years later and The Doctor and Amy Pond are looking round a museum when The Doctor spots something then steals it and they both run back to the Tardis. The Doctor decrypts the item and sends the TARDIS into the past, opens the door and lets river Song fly inside.

The Tardis follows the spaceship which crashes on Alfava Metraxis. River warns the Doctor that inside is a Weeping Angel. River calls calls down Father Octavian and his military clerical officers to secure the craft. They have a vehicle where they've set up watching the Weeping Angel. Amy Pond is left alone in the vehicle to watch the Weeping Angel. After a while, the Angel is able to progress through the television and into the vehicle. The Doctor eventually breaks into the vehicle and turns off the television therefore denying the Weeping Angel access.

The Doctor and the military clerics enter a cave to explore in the hope of getting to the spaceship and therefore tackle the Weeping Angel. Over the course of the cave exploration, their numbers get thinned out. One of the troopers is killed but is able to communicate with the doctor using a communicator of sorts.

The episode ends with the Doctor using a hand pistol to fire at the ceiling. It is the first time in the episodes that the Doctor has used a gun, he does it not to kill but to do something else.

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