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The Ugly Truth - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

When a Plokavian ship is fired upon by Talyn, the crew of Moya are taken prisoner and questioned one by one about the events of what happened. It is revealed that Bialar Crais had called Captain Ka Dargo, Stark, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun onboard Talyn about a plan to disable the weapons of Talyn as he becoming difficult to handle. When the Plokavian ship is destroyed, Talyn leaves the scene forcing the others except Crais to return to Moya.

The crew of Moya is held on a high platform where one by one, they are put into a seat and questioned. The Plokavians don't like the fact that each story is slightly different from one another as it is how each one saw the situation. In the end, Stark claims he did it to save the rest of the crew from being executed. Once Stark has been killed, the rest are released.

Episode Details

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