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The Unconquerable Man - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Seamus Harper is carting the lifeless body of Telemachus Rhade when Dylan Hunt stops Seamus as he notices a scar on Gaheris's hand for the first time. Dylan wonders how Gaheris got that as he can't remember.

The rest of the episode is what if Gaheris had beaten Dylan Hunt and was now in charge of the Andromeda Ascendant. Gaheris on seeing the effect of what he has done in respect of destroying The Commonwealth, sets about rebuilding the Commonwealth with the usual members of the crew. Rev Bem voice is heard but not seen in the episode apart from a screen shot.

Rommie reluctantly accepts Gaheris as her captain. Seamus creates a holographic version of Dylan Hunt to which he can play Go with and get advice from. Sometimes, the advice is a bit too much close to home and unwelcoming.

The events play out as they did with Dylan Hunt. The battle of Mephisto and Witch Head Nebula are recounted with Gaheris turning on his Nietzschean friends and killing them. Tyr Anasazi and Gaheris come to blows when Tyr is angry at the fact that Gaheris killed the Nietzscheans. In the fight between Gaheris and Tyr, Gaheris gets the scar on the hand that Dylan noticed at the start of the episode.

The episode gets to Ouroboros where the two Trances swap places. As Gaheris is able to destroy the tesseract machine, Rebekah Valentine and Trance Gemini materialise to persuade him not to. Trance Gemini persuades Gaheris to go back and swap places with Dylan so that he may live and he die.

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