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The Warmth of an Invisible Light - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

It had to happen some time, there's nearly always a Multiverse and Parallel Universe / Worlds episode in a science fictions show and this is Andromeda's. The Andromeda Ascendant is being chased by an enemy and the only way out is to use the piece of equipment that Seamus Harper is developing. Dylan had turned down the offer of help from Trance Gemini who had was going to turn into a star and go supernova.

Despite protests by Seamus Harper, Dylan goes ahead and uses the device. The whole place goes dark and he is unable to contact anyone. Dylan connects into a computer and finds Rommie doing nothing. Rommie turns on Dylan as Dylan was killed years ago but Dylan persuades Rommie that he is who he says he is. Rommie lets him live and sends the Android version of herself to help him.

He soon learns about the new alternate reality where the Nietzscheans never managed to destroy The Commonwealth, instead it was corrupted by the Abyss. Seamus Harper becomes the tyrannical leader with Telemachus Rhade as the second in command. Beka Valentine is the leader of the resistance movement against Seamus.

Telemachus Rhade leads a group of personnel to capture Dylan and the resistance. When Dylan is captured, he counts down and shouts boom to cower everyone. In the alternate universe, there are exploding mechanical robots that look like Dylan Hunt so the real Dylan Hunt uses that to his advantage.

Trance Gemini turns up wearing a cloak, she knows what is really going on with Dylan and is willing to help out.

Dylan Hunt using holographic technology to confront Seamus Harper but it doesn't go to plan. Seamus is eventually killed by his number two, Telemachus. Dylan and Trance find a device that they believe will send him home which it does. When Dylan returns to his reality, he has only been away for thirty seconds.

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