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The Weight - Andromeda

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Part 1

The episode begins with what looks like Dylan dreaming of stepping through the Route of Ages on foot. He woken up on a desolate planet by an old man called Flavin. He takes Dylan Hunt to a saloon where he is made to not feel welcome and gets into a fight. After dealing with those wanting a fight, Flavin takes Dylan to his abode. The abode has technology so much more advanced than what Dylan has seen so far on the planet. Those defeated in the restaurant turn to Thomas to remove the outsider. Flavin tells Dylan all he needs to know about the solar system and the new arrivals. Every so often new arrivals appear on the planet including some in the last couple of months. The planet inhabitants are against technology believing that having it will make them unsafe. Thomas turns to someone he thinks can get rid of Dylan who then turns out to be Telemachus Rhade who accepts the task.

Telemachus visits Flavin to find out about the new planet visitor whilst Dylan does some travelling around the area. Whilst exploring, he discovers a video of someone's past which he recognises as himself. He comes to the conclusion that he's on Tarn-Vedra, his home planet. On his way back to Flavin, he bumps into Telemachus. After what seems to be pleasentries, They talk about what happened when they last saw one another and the past pain. Telemachus holds grudges against his former captain. The following morning, he travels to the saloon where the inhabitants crowd him and Thomas confronts him but Dylan just ignores him. Telemachus confronts Thomas to tell him that he will kill Dylan. In the Saloon, Dylan orders a drink when he is confronted by Thomas and Telemachus. Thomas orders Dylan to leave but doesn't. Telemachus attacks Dylan forcing him to fight back. After beating Telemachus, he turns on Thomas. As he approaches, a gun is slid on the ground towards Telemachus who awakens from being knocked out and aims it at Dylan. At the last moment, Telemachus drops his aim. Dylan turns on Thomas but before he does anything, Flavin enters and punches Thomas. The other patrons in the Saloon follow Thomas out. Flavin announces he is leaving now and Dylan watches as he takes off from the planet in a slip fighter. The inhabitants tell Dylan he is now their leader which he rejects.

Part 2

Telemachus Rhade and Dylan Hunt are negotiating with some traders over getting a land mobile when the discussions turn mildly ugly. After the fracas, someone steals a radio receiver from Dylan forcing him to chase after the person. When he corners the man, he gets back the receiver and discovers its working. The signal being received is coming from Beka but is a month old. The signal is coming from Seefra-9, another Planet. The traders turn up and offer a craft for them.

One month ago, Beka is interrogated then released where she makes a message as a last will and testament. She's woken up from her state onboard the Maru to be notified that the Ascendant is in front of her ship. She makes it onboard the craft and tries to turn the ship on but fails. It seems the Ascendant is under the control of some other people.

Present day, Dylan and Telemachus conclude trade negotiations but knocking out the two traders and taking off in their craft. Whilst still trying to get to grips with the craft, they encounter what seems to be star cops but decide to run rather than surrender. They run into a asteroid field and loose their followers.

Beka is interrogated by one of the hijackers, her top is removed and thrown away. The top combusts into flames but she sticks to the line that she will only talk to the boss who turns up.

Telemachus Rhade and Dylan spot the Ascendant out in front of them which they believe it could be a mirage.

Beka is entertained by the leader of the hijackers. He proposes a deal with Rebekah Valentine who accepts.

As Dylan and Telemachus approach the Ascendant, they discover its been painted but they still board. Contact with the ships computer fails. As they make their way through the ship, they are attacked by a couple of the hijackers. They arrive on the bridge to find it empty. They carry out a number of checks but still get no response from the ship's computer. Dylan Hunt stays briefly at the bridge whilst Telemachus walks off to find the rest of the crew. As he explores his ship, he hears Beka's voice and hides to listen in on their talking. He rendezvous with Telemachus and tells him what they've found. They disagree on what to do next, Telemachus leaves Dylan to be ambushed. On his way out, Telemachus reaches the docking bay to see it being watched over closely by the hijackers.

One of the senior hijackers reports back to the leader about what has been happening. Dylan who had been knocked out is bought before the leader who orders him to be tied up.

Beka and the Leader take their friendship to a new level. The Leader tells Beka that Dylan would be killed but Beka tries to convince him otherwise but it doesn't seem to be working.

Telemachus is still on the ship trying to work out what to do. Dylan is being bought along the corridor so Telemachus hides. As Dylan walks past with his guards, Telemachus hides but does not intervene.

Rebekah Valentine works frantically trying to contact the ships computer and finally succeeds but has to cancel the contact when the female leader comes to collect her.

Dylan is bought before the Leader and Beka arrives on the ships bridge. On the ships bridge is a capsule that had been bought from a planets surface. Inside the capsule is a bridge light. The Leader forces Beka to choose what next to do. She presses a lever that releases a bright ball of light from the capsule. Dylan recognises the ball of light as being Trance Gemini and tells her to back into the capsule. The Leader (Jonah) tells the hijackers to leave and Beka leaves with them but returns to rescue Dylan. Dylan asks Trance for her help to power the ship. The ship powers up enough to fire a missile to counter the missile being fired at them. Trance turns into human form but has amnesia.

Episode Details

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