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Andromeda - The Widening Gyre

Epsiode Synopsis

It is the second part of a two-part story, the first part was the last episode of the previous series, Its Hour Come Round at Last. To recap what had happened in the previous episode, Seamus Harper had inadvertently reactivated an old memory of Rommie which had caused the Andromeda Ascendant to take a number of slipstreams until it had found the Magog Worldship. The Magog attacked and the crew was badly injured.

Rebekah Valentine was the first to wake up after the attack, she then set about waking or attempting to wake the others up. Harper and Tyr Anasazi was taken prisoner by the Magog and taken to one of the worlds in the Magog Worldship.

Rev Bem set out on his own in order to rescue his colleague. During his attempt, he kills one of the Magog leaders and took the place. Rev is discovered on board the Magog Worldship when he refuses to cannabalise one of the fallen magog. Rev is discovered by Bloodmist who tries to tempt Rev back to the Magog way and seems to be working.

Dylan Hunt and Rommie set about rescuing their captured fallen by taking the Eureka Maru into a Worldship planet to rescue Tyr and Seamus. Dylan instructs Rebekah to fire a nova bomb at the heart of the Magog Worldship which is a star if Dylan and Rommie don't return in three hours.

The time runs out and Rebekah fires the nova bomb at the star but the Worldship doesn't explode, the star doesn't go nova, the star just collapses. Fortunate that the bomb hasn't caused a supernova allows Dylan and Rommie to find the other members of the crew and then escape.

Rommie calculates that the Worldship isn't damaged beyond repair, its repairing itself and that the crew of the Ascendant have two years until the Worldship is back to health again.

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