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Epsiode Synopsis

When Garak begins to have headaches, he refuses Bashir`s offer of help. When the pain gets really bad, Garak reveals the truth that he has a memory implant put there by the Obsidian Order, the Cardassian Secret Police. The implant is to help Garak to feel plessure instead of pain to endure pain when interrogated. Eventually, Garak accepts Bashir`s offer of help. Whilst in surgery, the operation doesn`t go to plan which forces Bashir to seek further help. Once he has the knowledge he needs, he saves his friend and brings him round again. All the reasons that the implant was put in is fake.

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Associated Characters

Ambassador WorfCaptain Benjamin SiskoChief Miles OBrienCol. Kira NerysConstable Odo
Dr. Julian BashirElim GarakGul DukatJake SiskoLt. Ezri Dax
Lt. Jadzia DaxQuark   

Associated Planets

Cardassia Prime    

Associated Aliens

BajoranChangelingJem HadarTrill 

Associated Spaceships

Deep Space NineUSS Defiant - NX-74205   

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