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The Woman King - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Refugees are being placed housed onboard the Galactica and its Lieutenant Helo who has the responsibility of looking after the new arrivals. When an arrival who happens to be a Sagittaron becomes sick, the ill person refuses medication as it is their belief to not use medicine. The virus speads throughout the refugees. It is only at the last moment that the sick person decides to take some medication by which time it is too late. Looking over the situation is Mike Roberts, a junior doctor.

As Helo does some research, he begins to suspect that Mike is actually helping the Sagittarons to die. Helo comes up against his superiors who are refusing to believe what Helo is suggesting. When Petty Officer Dualla becomes ill, he takes immediate action. Along the way, Helo is helped and assisted by Mrs King whose son was the first victim of the virus.

The research he finds out is that Sagittarons have a higher than normal death rate from disease. Doctor Cottle after being shamed by Helo does some investigating on the dead King boy and discovers he had been poisoned. It turned out that Mike Roberts was indeed killing the people so that they wouldn't take up scarce resources that could help the others.

Episode Details

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