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The World Turns All Around Her - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Tyr Anasazi wants a starmap for the Portal of the Rout of Ages which he believes can help him defeat a coming Magog Worldship. The man who he thinks has it is his old captain, Dylan Hunt. On the surface of his planet, he lives with Beka. When Dylan requests to see Beka, she may only be permitted to leave the planet in exchange for someone else which Seamus Harper volunteers for. After a reunion on the Andromeda Ascendant, Beka returns and then she takes Tyr into space. The Andromeda enters a slipstream which the Eureka follows but despite a number of attempts, the Andromeda is unable to loose the Eureka. Once at the Portal, Eureka enters despite Andromedas attempts at holding them back. The other universe is different, the rules are different to the ones they've just come from.

Their main source of help comes from Trance now. Each of the male crew members begins to experience out of body experiences, all guided by Trance. What they see and hear is all in their mind, they must work together to get through this. The planet which they are teleported via Trance down to is ravaged by winds and lighting. After defeating a firestorm, the three males confront Tyr who is holding Beka against her will. Attempts to put handcuffs on Tyr fail as he runs and is shot. He falls to his death in canyon. Trance teleports the crew members back to the ship along with the Eureka into the docking bay. The Portal opens and closes frequently and as they've missed their way back, Dylan requests a private meeting with Trance Gemini . He demands to know exactly who or what she is. This time she reveals she is an "Avatar of a Sun", a god-like being who can create and destroy things. She proves this by turning into a small star which they grows and grows until its consumed the whole ship. The Andromeda is catapulted through the Portal back into their own universe.

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Previous EpisodeSoon the Nearing Votex
Next EpisodeConduit to Destiny

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Christian Williams
When Beka made the statement "Sharp Nieztchian instincts" she ment "Idiodic clone of Gaheris Rhade shows his big hairy butt off!!"
This season is my favourite, together with Season 3. I liked the episode writen by Gordon Michael Woolvett in this season. Not to mention Rhade. Interesting the way Trance reveals herself. It must've been a surprise even for the actress. It's nice to see Rhade's courage in the face of forces stronger than him. He's a true warrior. He may be a 'yes' man, but I like him.
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