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Farscape - They-ve Got A Secret

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew continue their search for any items that may be Peacekeeper technology which Captain Ka Dargo finds which he believes to be such. As he attempts to remove it, Moya ejects him out to space so Aeryns flies out to retrieve him. When he is revieved, D'argo starts to act strangely, calling Dominar Rygel XVI his son. We learn he was once married to a sebacean. The wife-in-laws brother Macton was the killer as he despised the union. D'argos son was ferried away for his protection. Pilot goes into a coma so all of Moya's life support systems go down, Aeryn Sun has to take control. The crew struggle to survive with the robot DRDs powered off along with the other support systems. In the end, John Crichton suits up and goes to track down the Peacekeeper device that caused D'argo to be released into space. What he discovers is that Moya is pregnant and requests that the DRDs are re-activated. Aeryns obeys and when the power comes on, John makes a pleas using the DRDs to Moya to switch on the life support which she agrees to.

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