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Things We Lock Away - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Daniel Graystone has finally won over the board of Graystone Industries from Tomas Vergis after threatening members with secrets. Later on, Tomas Vergis visits Daniel Graystone where Daniel holds out an oil branch for Tomas but at the last moment Tomas commits suicide by plunging a knife into himself. Daniel calls Joseph Adama who sends over people to clear up the mess.

Lacy Rand is held prisoner in Sister Clarice Willow's attic where is tricked into drinking drugged water. Lacy tries to make a break for it by breaking a window and screaming but one of Clarice's husbands catches her and prevents her from doing anything. In the end, Clarice suggests that Lacy travels to Gemenon to learn more about her monothesis religion.

Amanda Graystone, after finding nothing that will incriminate Clarice Willow is told to see if she can stay at Clarice's house by Agent Jordan Duram. Amanda's first attempt at moving in with Clarice falls through but a second attempt when Clarice meets Amanda at the Graystone's house works and she moves in.

Zoe Graystone has found Tamara Adama at a damaged stadium in New Cap City. The meeting doesn't go well as Zoe is subjected to a lot of beatings and knifings to make her pay for her real life's self blowing up the Maglev train. The beatings continue with a second group and then Tamara has her own attempt at hurting Zoe. Zoe seems to be dreaming with a younger self so that she can alleviate the pain. Eventually the two women stop fighting and begin to become friends.

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