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Through the Looking Glass - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of Moya are sitting round a table eating their dinner discussing their future. There's talk of abandoning Moya due to her pregnancy which they fear could cause problems when the space ship needs to escape from a Peacekeeper space ship. Their conversation is interrupted by Pilot who says that Moya is distressed at hearing that the crew wishes to leave and to show that she is still able to provide them with cover decides to starburst away from their present location much to the crews objection.

Once Moya has come out of starburst, Rygel has disappeared. The crew of Moya begin a search for Rygel but its not before long that Captain Ka Dargo and then Aeryn Sun both disappear. John Crichton searches the ship for the missing comrades but is unable to find them. Pilot tells John that Moya has their presence registered on the ship but when John goes looking, he can't find them.

John Crichton disappears from Moya and enters an alternate universe where everything is bathed in Red Light which hurts John's eyes. Also in this alternate universe is Ka D'argo but due to the light hurting their eyes, neither of them see each other. John through searching the ship, finds what he believes to be an exit portal and climbs up into it.

John enters a blue alternate universe, one where his ears hurt due to background noise and fortunately finds Aeryn Sun. The two crew members are unable to communicate through talk but manage to do a bit of lip reading and sign language. Aeryn and John explore the ship before John steps through another portal.

In the third alternate universe, the ship is bathed in yellow light, this time he finds Dominar Rygel XVI and they can't stop laughing. Rygel likes it in this universe because there's no one around. John manages to find a portal back to his normal reality, leaving Rygel behind.

Back in the here and now, he discovers what has happened to Moya. When Moya starburst, she didn't have enough thrust and has been torn into four dimensions. Moya is still apparently stuck in starburst, unable to move. During his trips through the alternate Moyas, he noticed light following him around and he tells his fellow crew members to use guns on the light to scare it off. John believes that the light is a creature. John comes up with a plan that requires all the Moyas to reverse at the same time thus hopefully coming out of starburst.

John takes Chiana through the portal he found earlier to the Red Moya. Pau Zotoh Zhaan is left behind on the normal Moya. Chiana is unaffected by the red light and leads them both to where Ka D'Argo is. D'Argo has found a temporary solution to the problem with his eyes by wearing a mask. The three crew members head to where Pilots controls are. John wants Chiana to stay behind as she's unaffected by the red light but she doesn't want to stay so D'argo stays behind. John tells D'argo to hit the reverse button at a certain time.

John takes Chiana to the Blue realm where they find Aeryn Sun and tell her the plan. John then leaves the Blue realm with Chiana to the yellow realm where John leaves Chiana with Rygel to start that version of the Moya into reverse. John returns to the normal realm to be with Zhaan. He notices the yellow scratching on the wall and believes because the scratchings are prime numbers, the creature is trying to communicate with him. He walks into the light that has been swallowing up the ship and comes face to face with a spongy brain like creature who talks to him and advises him that to escape, he must go forward not back to merge the ships.

John visits every realm again, telling his colleagues, to go forward not back to merge the realms. Once he has returned back to his realm, the Moyas do as he had instructed them to do and they all merge.

The episode ends with all the crew members back at their dinner table talking.

Episode Details

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Copyright: Henson

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