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Exodus - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

The episode starts an hour before the events of Precipe to show what happened before the Cylons were to execute the leaders of the insurgents. It shows a team of personnel led by Cpl. Tyrol getting together and moving into position to prevent the executions from happening.

A D'anna Briers clone has a vision that Lieutenant Sharon Valerii and Lieutenant Helo's child Hera did not die as the parents were led to believe but instead is still alive. D'anna goes in search of answers incuding asking the Doctor and an Oracle Physic. She doesn't get the answer she wants and continues her investigation. Hera on the other hand is in the arms of her adopted mother and her protection and survival is ordered by President Laura Roslin.

Commander William Adama orders his son Captain Lee Adama to take the Battlestar Pegasus and the rest of the fleet to a safe place whilst he on board the Battlestar Galactica 2003 launches the mission to save the survivors and get them off the planet. Lee agrees to his fathers demands and takes the fleet away from the area.

Col. Saul Tigh is told of his wife Ellen Tigh betrayal to the Cylons and it is for Saul to decide what to do.

Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) walks into the New Caprica Detention Centre and locates the launch keys for the Caprica ships. Before she leaves, Sharon is confronted by a D'anna Briers clone who calls Sharon a traitor. Sharon shoots the other Cylon in the legs in the hope of giving her an agonising death. A quick death would result in the D'anna clone from uploading into another body and alerting everyone whereas a long death would hold it off.

Part 2

Col. Saul Tigh has to deal with his wife's betrayal which he does so by handing her a mug that is laced with poison so that she doesn't feel pain. Ellen Tigh tries to justify what she did, she says she did it for him, to save him from the occupiers.

During a meeting of the Cylon leaders, it is Lieutenant Felix Gaeta that notices that the battle to rescue the humans has began.

During the incident, Felix confronts Doctor Gaius Baltar with the aim of shooting the president but Gaius manages to talk Felix out of shooting his boss. Gaius reveals that a D'anna Briers clone is planning on nuking the city and he (Gaius) can prevent this from happening. Felix decides to let Gaius live and allows him to stop the nuking from happening.

When the fighting starts, Samuel Anders takes up as leader of the resistance and hands out weapons to the fighters. The weapons were being held under the Pyramid play area. Sam goes in search of his wife, Lieutenant Kara Thrace who is being held in the prison area. When Sam rescues her, Starbuck reveals that she now has a daughter produced by cloning with a Leoben Conoy clone. Before escaping, Starbuck kills the clone who had been holding her once more. Starbuck goes back and finds her daughter and escapes with the rest of the escapees.

When the Battlestar Galactica is surrounded by Cylon Basestars, things don't look good until Battlestar Pegasus appears and destroys the basestars. In the end of the battle, Pegasus is destroyed and everyone on board has to do an emergency escape. The escaping crew are picked up by the Galactica who welcomes them onboard.

On New Caprica, Gaius finds the daughter of Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) who has also been found by a D'anna Briers but decides against shooting the clone and letting the Cylon walk away with the child.

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