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Till the Blood Runs Clear - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst in orbit around a desert planet, John Crichton and Aeryn inside the Farscape 1 module are hit by a solar flare causing them to visit the planet in order to find a mechanic. They find help in the form of an overweight woman called Furlow. She agrees to help for a small price. They go investigating around the encampment where they find a Peacekeeper wanted signal. Crais is offering a reward for the capture of Rygel, D'argo and Pau Zotoh Zhaan. When John gets close to the signal generator, he is challenged by a pair of Vocarian Blood Trackers. The Trackers ask if Aeryn is John's and when she says no, the female Vocarian attacks Aeryn, it is unclear what she wants to do with Aeryn Sun. John had a quick thought and challenges the male and says that she is his mate and they back off. The two pairs talk and chat, they have dinner together. It becomes apparent later that someone is sabotaging the Farscape 1 probe and when Aeryn tackles the person, she is blinded. D'argo visits the planet and Trackers catch his smell in the air and capture him. In the Trackers base, D'argo and John come face to face. D'argo threatens John but he does some quick thinking and manages to get out of the situation. John watches as a Tracker cuts Captain Ka Dargo where John then moves into clear the blood. When the Trackers have left the building, John frees D'argo and they escape. The Trackers are outside the base and a battle ensues. In between the fighting, Aeryn comes out of the garage, still blind and puts out another message beacon. The message beacon stats that the three fugitives are no longer wanted so the Trackers stop fighting and leave.

Episode Details

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