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Time Out of Mind - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst transporting a group of Wayist followers, a Wayist is murdered onboard the Eureka Maru by fellow Wayists. It turns out that the murdered Wayist is actually a Collector and the murderers are agents of Abyss. The murderers jump out of an airlock to avoid being captured. The information that the murderers were after was the location of a secret information vault of the Collectors so Dylan Hunt directs the Andromeda Ascendant to the location of the vault.

The location of the vault is of a planet that was destroyed ages ago but when they visit, they find the planet is still there.

Telemachus Rhade rearranges the moons on a holographic display of the planet and they discover a location on the planet. Dylan, Beka Valentine and Harper travel down to the planet. They meet Amira played by Erica Durance of Smallville fame. Amira gives the crew visions that they can replay.

Telemachus Rhade and Rommie visit the planet where they find an energy field but are unable to defeat it so return to the Ascendant. During Rommie and Rhade's time on the planet, Trance Gemini is left in control of the Ascendant.

During their time on the planet, they are being watched by Lisset, an apparent Collector but is actually an agent from the Abyss. Dylan, Beka and Seamus Harper all visit memories of the past. The main memory is Beka of when she was a young girl and talking to a collector called Wezlow, played by Aaron Campbell, best remembered for his role as Cpl. Galen Tyrol in Battlestar Galactica remake.

Telemachus confronts Lisset but looses. Lisset enters the memory run of Dylan and Beka but is unable to escape from the holographic replay when the other two do. Dylan has to re-enter a holographic video to rescue Harper who is stuck.

After watching the replays, Beka works out what everything is all about. Wezler gave Beka a bell when she was young and Beka realises it is hidden in the doll that she was given on that day. Beka gets the doll and finds and then uses the bell to stop the energy field.

Episode Details

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