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To Loose the Fateful Lightning - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt takes the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant to a space station which is surrounded by wreckage of a war of long ago. When he gets on the space station, he is attacked but the attacking stop when he shouts out who he is. The attackers turn out to be children who are descendants of people who lived on the station at the time of the war three hundred years ago. The children only want is war and hatred to their attackers, the Magog and nietzschean of which the crew of the Andromeda has two.

Dylan uses Trance Gemini to try to persuade the children that aliens aren't their enemies but the children aren't interested. Rev Bem tries to reason with the leader of the children but he is unsucessful but when he leaves the meeting, Rev Bem is captured by the children and tied up. Dylan finds Rev Bem and orders his release.

The Children are ill and Dylan Hunt sets about working out why, he locates the problem is caused by Nova Bombs being held in storage in fighters. He uses the password of which part of it is "Lexa Doig" to gain access to the ships. Lexa Doig is the name of the actress who plays Rommie in the series.

Dylan Hunt blesses two of the children who unknown to him are going to fly the fighters complete with nova bombs to attack and destroy stars and therefore wipe out whole solar systems. Dylan gives chase but is only able to capture one of the ships, the other successfully destroys the star and wipes out an unknown number of Magog.

During the Episode, Seamus Harper examines the space stations computers and becomes very private. Seamus Harper it is revealed was building an android version of Rommie who would later come to the crews help when the child take control of the bridge. Tyr Anasazi tries to bargain with the children but they aren't interested because he's from their enemy race.

Episode Details

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