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Star Trek - The Original Series - Tomorrow is Yesterday

Epsiode Synopsis

The Enterprise find itself back in Earth atmosphere but its the 1950. Whats also bad is that they`ve been spotted by the air force. An aircraft is sent to investigate and take photos of the craft. Capt. James Tiberius Kirk and Spock journey down to the surface and attempt to recover the tape so that the future is not contaminated by their actions.

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Associated Characters

Christopher PikeDr. Carol MarcusDr. Leonard Bones McCoyJohn HarrisonLt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scotty Scott
Lt. Hikaru SuluLt. UhuraNurse Christine ChapelPavel ChekovThomas Harewood

Associated Aliens


Associated Spaceships

USS Enterprise NCC-1701A    

Associated Films

Star Trek BeyondStar Trek II, the Wrath of KhanStar Trek III, the Search for Spock
Star Trek IV, Voyage HomeStar Trek V, the Final FrontierStar Trek VI, the Undiscovered Country
Star Trek XIStar Trek, Into DarknessStar Trek,the Motion Picture

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