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Doctor Who - Tooth and Claw

Epsiode Synopsis

In a remote corner of Scotland, a group of monks enter a noble house's grounds. They are carrying a large cage with a person in it. The house is where Queen Victoria is to visit after the death of her beloved Prince Albert. The Doctor and Rose tag along after being invited. The Doctor is shown all round the house, taking special interest in the telescope that is broken.

That night is full moon and the man in the cage turns into a werewolf. The Doctor has to work out how to save the situation. For most of it, he leads the group round the house eventually into a room that is protected with mistletoe. When the wolf enters the room through the glass ceiling, he leads them to the telescope room. He works out that the diamond that the Queen has is what is needed to repair the telescope. As the wolf enters the telescope room, the diamond is placed inside and a silver beam shoots through the telescope, bounces off the ground and pushes the wolf up into the air. The silver beam eventually kills the wolf.

For their heroism, they are given titles to be proud of. The Doctor and Rose depart from the house. This episode has been controversial as it indicated to some people that Victoria was slightly mad.

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