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Trusting the Gordian Maze - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

An emissary has been sent by Tri-Jema to retrieve a star map and take it back to the Triumverate but the star map has been stolen. Telemachus Rhade returns from a mission and his slip fighter is damaged but he makes it back to the Andromeda Ascendant.

Captain Dylan Hunt decides that he must go to where the star map was taken along with Indra Xicol, the Emissary and Telemachus. Beka Valentine is left in control of the Ascendant with the other crew members, Seamus Harper, Rommie and Trance Gemini.

Dylan takes the Eureka Maru to a planet which has the Goridan Maze. During the journey, Dylan Hunt flirt with Indra all the way, making Telemachus slightly uneasy. When they get to the destination, they discover the maze and try to make their way through.

Telemachus gets separated from the other two. During the journey through the maze, Dylan and Indra have to deal with a hole that has opened up so Dylan uses his force lance to swing across the gap. The scene is reminiscent of when Luke Skywalker swung across the gap with Princess Leia in Star Wars.

Tri-Jema appears by the Andromeda and orders the crew to hand over. Beka Valentine makes a run for it but The Commonwealth do not follow.

Dylan and Indra come across a drunken Calvino who is having marital problems but is none too helpful. Astrid, the wife comes along and the two have an argument (Calvino, Astrid). Dylan leaves.

Telemachus comes across Astrid who rejects Telemachus because he is a man but when Indra appears, Astrid gives the map part to Indra and now the part is complete. Before leaving, Dylan gets close to Indra and have make love. In the morning, Indra leaves with the map, part of the plan. Indra takes a slip fighter and takes a route through the route of ages. Tri-Jema takes her fleet along the same route. Dylan contacts Indra to tell her it was false map. Tri-Jema and Indra's ships explode.

Astrid and Calvino were playing all along and are seen canoodling afterwards. Calvino and Astrid are real life husband and wife.

Episode Details

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