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Tunnel at the End of the Light - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Its been two years since Dylan Hunt began his mission to reunite The Commonwealth and to celebrate, he's brought together the leaders of the fifty members. Just when things are looking good, an incident occurs in Workshop 17, the same workshop that Seamus Harper usually tinkers in. Rebekah Valentine and Tyr Anasazi run to the workshop with Tyr getting there in time to save Seamus from falling ceiling material.

Its revealed that the place has been sabotaged somehow and Rommie begins an investigation. The investigation leads to a Nietzschean who has got rid of his bone blades and is caught trying to sabotage the ship. The Nietzschean attempts to escape but is cornered by the crew. Out of nowhere the Nietzschean is grabbed and taken away from them by an invisible enemy that phased through the wall. The alien is like Predator from the eighties. Like the Predator, the alien's outline can be seen.

Security is tightened around the guests. Admiral Zhukov is getting impatient as everyone is held in a secure location. Seamus Harper is instructed to keep the guests occupied but then the alien appears and starts to phase in and out of the room, stealing the guests. Seamus tries to keep everyone occupied with magic tricks.

Dylan Hunt decides to get the guests out of the room and send them away, the charter signing can happen another day. When the guests are being moved out of the secure location, the alien species attack Dylan and Rommie knocking Dylan Hunt out for the fight leaving Rommie alone to fight them. The aliens only attack one at a time

Trance Gemini reveals that this is the incident that caused the future to go bad and why she came back in time to change things. Trance Gemini describes the bad future and what happened next. The Andromeda Ascendant comes under attack from the alien space ships. The alien ships are hard to hit, they move fast and disappear. When Tyr can't hit the ships Dylan swaps Trance and Tyr around to change the future.

Seamus has difficulty with Zhukov whose fleet has arrived to join the Andromeda but they don't engage the enemy. After Seamus stands up to Zhukov and a couple of the aliens ships are destroyed by Trance, Zhukov orders his ships to engage.

What started as a trickle is now becoming tens of enemy ships, all seemingly coming from a wormhole from another Parallel Universe . Dylan plans to use Seamus's latest gadget to destroy the wormhole. Rebekah announces she will destroy the portal using the Eureka Maru but Dylan declines because in the other future, Beka attempted it and failed. Rebekah says she'll still do it with the knowledge that she has. Tyr decides to go along with Rebekah to provide protection. Unbeknown to the two, an alien has snook onboard and engages Tyr during the flight.

Rebekah fires the weapon and closes the portal. As all the ships flee, the Eureka Maru is lost. When its found, no one is onboard.

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