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Star Trek - Voyager - Twisted

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst celebrating Kes` birthday in the Holodeck, Voyager is surrounded by a spacial phenomena. When the senior members of the crew leave the Holodeck to return to their positions, they find that parts of the ship aren`t where they`re supposed to be. They rejoin at the holodeck to devise a plan and split into pairs to find their way back. During this, Harry Kim and the Captain Kathryn Janeway traverse Jeffries Tubes to make their way to the bridge. However, Janeway falls into an area of the ship which is distorted and begins blubering to herself. Torres and Paris set up an explosion in the engineering bay to contenance the distortion but it makes it worst. Tuvox suggests they do nothing more and let the distorition take them. The distortion completely envelopes them and once it has passed, they are unaffected. It turns out that the distortion was created by some alien lifeform that was trying to communicate. This is because information has been uploaded and downloaded into the ships computer databanks.

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Associated Characters

B`elanna TorresChakotayDoctorHarry KimKes
NeelixSeven of NineTom ParisTuvok 

Associated Aliens

MokraNezuOcampanSpecies 8742Talaxian
TaresiansThe SwarmTrabeVidiian 

Associated Spaceships

Delta Flyer    

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