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Una Salus Victus - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

In order for the Andromeda Ascendant to deliver much needed medical supplies, the craft needs to go through an area with a high concentration of Nietzschean patrol. Between where they are and where they want to go is a High-Guard missile base controlled by the Nietzscheans. The Andromeda can't take out the missile base so Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi must go down to the planet in order to take out the base.

The Andromeda Ascendant is providing support for the medical convoy when they discover that a craft is missing so Rebekah Valentine takes the Eureka Maru back in order to find the missing ship and bring it back.

Whilst Rebekah is out with the Eureka Maru, the contrrol of the Andromeda Ascendant is left in the hands of the chief engineer, one, Seamus Harper.

Rebekah's ship comes under attack and is able to repulse the ship. Unfortunately for Rebekah, the attack disabled her Maru and it also disabled one of the Nietzschean ships. The two captains, both females trade comments to one another over the communication line whilst they get their ships back in working order. The other captain is called Parvati Quechua who as she is infertile and therefore unable to be a mother has taken the warrior route.

Cuchulain Nez Pierce, the leader of the Nietzscheans on the planet is aware of the ground assault and contacts Dylan asking him for Tyr Anasazi. Dylan finds out the reason why so many of the Nietzscheans are after Tyr. Tyr has the bones of Drago Muscevani, the revered prophet of all Nietzscheans. Dylan tricks the Nietzscheans into thinking that he will surrender but its a trip to lure the enemy because Tyr was never arrested.

The Andromeda Ascendant arrives at its location and discovers a large enemy force waiting for them. Trance Gemini provides advice to Seamus Harper on the best course of action because Seamus wants to do an all out attack on the Nietzscheans but Trance prefers a defensive manoeuvre.

Tyr and Dylan make it to the command centre where they are surrounded by the Nietzschean force. Dylan plans to destroy the base unless the Nietzscheans back off which Cuchulain agrees to the demand and retreats.

Rebekah and her opposite number finish their repairs on their ships and Quechua asks for Rebekah to surrender but Rebekah has one last trick up her sleeve and destroys her opposite number.

Both Tyr, Dylan and Rebekah make it back to the Andromeda Ascendant where they are greeted by Rommie who was assisting Seamus throughout the incident. Rev Bem was not part of the episode.

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