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Andromeda - Under the Night

Epsiode Synopsis

Soon after an emergency drill has been completed, the Andromeda Ascendant receives an emergency call from Mephisto. The colony is being attacked and all help is needed. Captain Dylan Hunt orders the Ascendant to the location. When they reach the location, senior officer Gaheris Rhade asks to be relieved of duty because he is a Nietzschean who are attacking the colony and Ascendant. Dylan Hunt agrees and allows his officer to be taken to the Brig.

Dylan Hunt orders an evacuation of the ship, leaving only him a bug-like colleague. Gaheris frees himself from the security officers then goes back to the bridge where he kills the green insect colleague. Gaheris and Dylan fight it out on the bridge between one another but as the Ascendant moves closer to the black hole, time slows down and eventually stops. Dylan had ordered the holographic Rommie to take the ship to near the black hole so it could slingshot the craft away from the battle.

300 years later roughly, the Eureka Maru captained by Rebekah Valentine has been hired by a Nightsider to salvage the Ascendant. The salvage is successful and the Ascendant is pulled away from the black hole event horizon. Time returns to normal onboard the Ascendant. Rommie informs Dylan of the change in time which depresses him as he won't see his beloved family and Sarah.

The crew of the Eureka Maru explore the Ascendant. Whilst the salvagers are exploring the ship, Dylan watches the people. The first person to meet Dylan is Seamus Harper but then Dylan releases Seamus to allow him to return to his colleagues to tell him that Dylan is still alive.

The episode ends with the Nightsider revealing a mercenary team led by Tyr Anasazi was smuggled onto the Eureka Maru and is now ready to take control of the Ascendant.

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