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Unfinished Business - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

This episode takes place during a boxing match where the crew of the Battlestar Galactica are letting off steam. During the fight, the fighters all reminisce of what life was like on New Caprica. The first fight is between Lieutenant Helo and Captain Lee Adama . The fight seems to be going ok until Lieutenant Kara Thrace arrives having had an argument with her husband, Samuel Anders. Lee looses concentration and is hit by Helo and is unable to get back up to fight.

Starbuck is called up to fight by Brendan 'Hotdog' Constanza but Hotdog is no hard target and is knocked out.

When Cpl. Tyrol ignores Commander William Adama comments about looking after the ship, Adama decides to get and fight it out with the pertinent Tyrol. Although at the start, it looks like William is going to win the fight, Tyrol comes back and finishes the fight by knocking Adama down. During the memories, we learned that Tyrol had asked that he could take his family down to New Caprica but Adama declined the request. Although we do learn later that Adama does concede and let Tyrol down onto the planet to start a family with Cally. After the fight, Adama makes a speech to everyone to disperse and get back to their stations.

Starbuck challenges Lee but Lee doesn't want to fight but after Kara hits Lee, the two slog it out for a long fight. We learn that Kara and Lee grew close on the planet to the extent that they slept together out in the open one night. However, the morning after they slept, Kara went off to marry Samuel which disappointed Lee. That night they had revealed to each other how they felt about one another by shouting it at the tops of their voices in the open. The fight ends with them hugging.

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