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Farscape - Unrealized Reality

Epsiode Synopsis

Outside in the space suit, John is pulled through a wormhole. He lands on an iceberg in an unknown area of space. He is met there by an Ancient, one of the alien race that planted the knowledge for wormhole technology in his head. There the Ancient talks about Unrealized Realities, alternate dimensions that he can visits with wormholes. He not experiences past incidents such as coming aboard Moya, meeting Aeryn Sun for the first time but also different realities. A reality where he's home but the human form is different due to an invasion of the Scarrans. In one adventure, he's a peacekeeper with Sikozu a prisoner. He helps her escape but gets no thanks for it and becomes her target. There is also another reality where the crew of the Moya are slightly different. Chiana looks as though she's Aeryn, Stark is similiar to Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu and Dominar Rygel XVI has feet to walk. After the adventure is done, he is returned to outer space above the Earth.

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AhknaBialar CraisCaptain Ka D'argoCaptain Meeklo BracaCommandant Mele-On Grayza
Jack CrichtonJohn CrichtonJoolushko Tunai Fenta HovalisPau Zotoh ZhaanPilot
ScorpiusUtu-Noranti Pralatong   

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