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Unvanquished - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

It is three weeks since what happened in the previous episode, Amanda Graystone has left her husband who has now grown a full beard. Daniel Graystone seeks a business meeting with the The Guatrau, the leader of the Ha'la'tha with the Adama brothers ( Joseph and Sam). The meeting ends without a resolution.

Later, the Adama brothers pay a visit to Daniel Graystone and challenge him to kill in Daniels Mother. Daniel can't bring himself to do it and the deal looks like its off. Later, Daniel is seen shaking hands with The Guatrau.

Lacy Rand gets more and more involved with The Soldiers of the One terrorist organisation by participating in a hand cutting ceremony.

Sister Clarice Willow meets with senior members of the Soldiers of the One leadership to plead with her idea of Apotheosis. The first person she tries to convince is Obal Ferras but it doesn't end well for Obal and eventually, he is stabbed to death by other members of the group. Clarice has survived the assassination attempt. Clarice visits Blessed Mother and persuades her to give her control over all of S.T.O. operations on Caprica which the Blessed Mother agrees to.

Tomas Vergis integrates more in with Graystone Industries much to Cyrus's approval. Tomas decides not to burn and destroy the U87 that escaped from the lab but box it. Cyrus reports back to Daniel but Daniel isn't interested in hearing what Tomas is doing with the company.

Zoe Graystone's avatar is now a death walker in the Virtual world of New Cap City. Zoe comes up against a couple of hoodlums with Tamara Adama's flower tattooed on her head. Zoe manages to beat up and kill the hoodlums then walks away.

Episode Details

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