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Vault of the Heavens - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Despite protestations from both Trance Gemini and Rommie, Seamus Harper who is in charge of the Andromeda Ascendant races a Nietzschean ship through a slipstream wormhole. The Ascendant comes out the slipstream in a distant part of the universe.

Dylan Hunt who was asleep during the slipstream is woken up and falls out of bed. Dylan hears a womans voice calling him and describing a planet of Fire and Ice that he must come to. At a team meeting, Rommie identifies the planet where the sound is coming from. The others can't hear the voice that Dylan can. Dylan calls a vote to visit the planet and he naturally "wins" the vote.

Dylan leaves Tyr Anasazi in charge of the Andromeda Ascendant whilst the others, Dylan, Rommie, Trance Gemini, Seamus and Rebekah Valentine travel down to the planet. After some exploring, they discover a city which is populated by energy aliens. The aliens capture the crew and one of the aliens takes a liking to Dylan Hunt. The alien becomes humanoid compared to her energy state.

Tyr Anasazi is required to change an energy cloud from hitting the planet. Tyr's technological knowledge leads him down the wrong path whilst re-configuring Andromeda and he collapses after being electrocuted. Later, Tyr wakes up and has to deal with the Nietzschean who earlier raced Seamus Harper.

Dylan manages to escape as the others break free from their imprisonment. In this episode, Rommie head butts an alien which is probably why the UK series got a 15 rating. The crew of the Ascendant returns to Andromeda leaving Dylan to confront the Nietzschean whose now on the planet. The cloud aurora which Tyr was told to redirect has gone thanks to the Nietzschean who destroyed it. The aliens on the planet thrive and live on the aurora.

After Dylan wins his fight, the Andromeda crew reignite the aurora. The Nietzschean prison and Tyr Anasazi discuss their futures and allegiance to the Nietzscheans.

Episode Details

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