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Doctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor

Epsiode Synopsis

The Doctor has taken Amy Pond to the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, France to show her the works of Vincent Van Gogh, a real-life Dutch born artists. When The Doctor examines the "The Church at Auvers" photo, he notices a creature in the picture. He takes Amy back in time to visit Van Gogh. At the museum, there is a curator who is doing a talk. The Curator is guest played by Bill Nighy, a British actor who can be best remembered for Love Actually.

The Church at Auvers

The Doctor find the Van Gogh unable to pay for the wine that he had drunk but Van Gogh refuses the charity. The Doctor and Amy follow Van Gogh back to his place to befriend him. During the way back, a girl is murdered and the locals believe it is Van Gogh who is behind the murder.

When a creature attack, it becomes apparent that only Van Gogh can see the creature and the Doctor gets Vincent to draw the creature. The Doctor identifies the creature as being a Krafayis, a large horned lizard creature. The only way the Doctor can see it is through the reflection in a mirror.

The Doctor, Amy and Vincent go to the Church at Auvers where Van Gogh sets about painting the church. When Vincent says he sees the creature, the Doctor goes into the church to confront and ultimately kill it. However, the Doctor is unable to kill it but Vincent spears it with his chair, therefore killing it.

Vincent tries to come onto Amy asking her to marry him but she's not interested. During the episode, the Doctor called Vincent Rory Williams who has been erased from history through the crack in the universe.

Amy persuades the Doctor to do something about what is soon going to happen to Van Gogh. In real life, Van Gogh committed suicide at the age of 37 having only ever sold one painting. The Doctor takes Van Gogh and Amy to the Musee d'Orsay where they get the Curator to tell Vincent what such a great artist he was and how inspirational he was. It is hoped by doing this that Vincent doesn't commit suicide.

The attempt to persuade Vincent to not commit suicide doesn't work and he goes ahead with it. When Amy looks at the Sunflower picture that Van Gogh painted, she notices that there is a dedication to Amy painted on it when Amy and the Doctor return for a third time.

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