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Visitor`s Choice

Epsiode Synopsis

Ham Tyler, Mike Donovan and one other resistance fighter blow up a car containing a high ranking Visitor. Ham breaks into the car and steals files from the dead passenger then they head back to the restaurant. The nobody resistance fighter is captured by police allied to the Visitors.

Diana visits Nathan to discuss the attack which Nathan agrees to investigate. Nathan asks Mr Chiang to go and find his son Nathan.

When Mr Chiang finds Nathan, he is with Robin Maxwell and Elizabeth but when Mr Chiang tells Kyle to come, Kyle drives off. Kyle, Robin and Elizabeth hide out in an abandoned house whilst the dust settles.

Willie interpretes the plans and tells the resistance that theres to be a meeting of high ranking officers from across America to be shown a demonstration of the Encapsulator, a machine that will increase human conversion. Nathan Bates interrogates the captured resistance fighter then orders Mr Chang to capture his son. Dr Juliet Parrish and Mike head to Playa del Mar to meet with the resistance up there, two brothers.

Ham takes Kyle Bates to a warehouse owned by Nathan to steal some explosives. During the theft, Kyle is captured by security and subsequently handed over to his father who asks Mr Chang to punish his son. Nathan has a word with his son but when Kyle refuses to give up information about the resistance, Nathan tells Mr Chiang to give Kyle a word of advice. During the advice session, Elizabeth Maxwell locates where Kyle is being interrogated and destroys the light bulbs to aid Kyle in his escape.

Ham joins up with Julie and Mike to aid in the destruction of the visitor meeting hall.

During the attack, Julie is captured due to a silly hide and has to be rescued by Mike. The Del Mar resistance group are reunited with their sister as they escape. Diana had to answer a call from the mothership and was not at the dinner table when it went off.

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