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Vitas Mortis - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Pau Zotoh Zhaan, Captain Ka Dargo and John Crichton visit a planet where they believe an Orican, a holy Luxan female lives. Aeryn Sun stays onboard whilst the others are on the planet. The rumour is true, she tells them that she's dying and that she wants D'argo to help her with her final ceremony before she dies. He agrees to help her but instead of her dying, she reborns to a youthful Luxan female. Above in Moya, things are not looking good, first Chiana is stuck in a crystallised washing liquid bowl and the Leviathan is falling apart. When the Orican and D'argo visit the ship, she's not wanted and returns to the surface. It transpires that the ceremony that she and D'argo had done had caused her to take away the life soul of the Leviathan. The only way the life can return to Moya is if the woman dies, reluctantly, she agrees and kills herself therefore allowing Moya to regain life.

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