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V - The Champion

Epsiode Synopsis

Mike Donovan and Kyle Bates are on their way to Tucson, Arizona to deliver some weapons to the Resistance down there when they are attacked by Visitor affliated police. The police call off their attack when Cathy, a woman on horseback helps out the Resistance. Cathy takes the resistance back to her house where she lives with her firebrand daughter Jessie.

Lydia is put on trial and found guilty of the murder of Charles. Diana wants a quick execution but the execution is put on hold when Philip, the Inspector General turns up and prevents the execution. Philip orders the two women to fight to the death but it the fight is called off when Philip receives information about the murder.

Back at the ranch, the corrupt police call on the Visitor commander, Lt James to help them attack the base and kill Mike Donovan. However unknown to the police, Kyle returned to the resistance hideout and called upon support in the form of Elizabeth Maxwell and Willie. Dr Juliet Parrish was unable to come because she had strained her neck. After the battle at the ranch, Lt. James escapes to fight another day.

Philip orders that both Diana and Lydia resume their duties before Charles was killed. If one of the ladies is killed, suspicion will fall on the other one and be tried for it.

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