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V - The Rescue

Epsiode Synopsis

Alex, an old friend of Dr Juliet Parrish calls upon Juliet to help his pregnant wife to give birth. The wife is inside the city that is under seige and cannot be moved as the baby is due soon. Juliet with the help of Kyle Bates goes to the pregnant wife to provide assistance. Later in the episode, the group are discovered by a visitor patrol but manage to escape when Mike Donovan turns up to provide a shield for them to escape.

Lt. James of the Visitors manages to identify where the Resistance is hiding and forces the Resistance out of their hideout and to an old abandoned wild west studio, hopefully safe from Visitor attack however that proves to be not the case. A Visitor group visit the saloon but leaves without finding the resitance inside, only a stray dog.

Charles and Lydia plot to get rid of Diana by marrying Diana and then forcing Diana back to the Visitor homeworld. Diana at first objects to the wedding but in the end relents and marries Charles. Lydia poisons Diana's wedding drink but does not count on Diana and Charles swapping drinks at the last moment and Charles ending up dead as a result of the poison.

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