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Star Trek - Voyager - Waking Moments

Epsiode Synopsis

USS Voyager travels through an area of space inhabited by a race of aliens that sleep. As they pass through the area, the crew have a sleepless night, no one can sleep, every one has nightmares. Tuvok dreams that he turns up to work naked. Chakotay believes he can communicate with the aliens through a ritual and attempts the ritual. Chakotay manages to make contact with the aliens who tell him that everything will be ok once they leave the aliens space.

However what the aliens have told Chakotay is a trap and it is part of their plan to take control of Voyager. It turns out he was still asleep when the aliens attacked, when he sees the moon, he taps his hand and wakes up. When he wakes up, he finds everyone else is asleep and goes to the computer and orders it to locate the alien world. Chakotay travels to the home world to locate the device that is being used to control the sleeping pattern of the crew, he threatens the aliens that he will destroy their home world unless they release Voyager crew. The aliens relent and the crew of Voyager wakes up.

Copyright: Paramount

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