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Waking The Tyrants Device - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant has been sent to Septa Parisis, a moon orbiting the ringed planet of Perliss Mott. After coming out of slipstream, they are confronted by a small ship which attacks the Ascendant before the Ascendant is pulled towards the moon. Seamus notices that on the planet is a singularity weapon which means the Magog are not too far away. Dylan Hunt, Rebekah Valentine, Rommie and Seamus Harper take the Eureka Maru to visit the planet. Trance Gemini is left behind to look after the Ascendant.

Once on the planet, the crew are set upon by someone aimlessly firing on them. Rommie is used as a decoy whilst Dylan Hunt sneaks past the attacker. The attacker turns out to be Molly, someone Dylan has met before. They all come under attack from faceless androids and so they retreat to the Eureka Maru but are unable to take off. Seamus reveals he has made a modification of the Eureka which allows a small part of the ship to break free in emergencies such as this one. There's one small problem, the escape pod needs energy which Rommie duly provides. During the retreat, Kroton, the mechanic who was behiond the Magog Worldship appears and tells Dylan he's going to die.

Dylan and Molly are dropped off so that they can venture into a complex. Their investigations lead them to discover an army of androids that present a clear and present danger to The Commonwealth. Molly and Dylan destroy the androids and in escaping come face to face with Kroton again. Molly and Dylan fight off the replica Kroton androids and eventually escape.

Beka and Seamus do some looting but as they venture further into the moon, they discover a small version of the Magog Worldship but are not powerful enough to destroy it and leave. They rendezvous with Molly and Dylan and return to the Eureka Maru and then to the Andromeda Ascendant.

The moon opens up and the mini Magog Worldship plans to go through a slipstream. Dylan creates multiple slipstreams and if the worldship should go through the wrong one, it'll explode. The worldship does in fact go through the wrong one and is destroyed but Kroton escapes.

Dylan and Molly enjoy some romantic time together including kissing. They did kiss earlier in the episode but this is the first time they can do without being in danger.

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