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War of the Gods - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

During a routine exploratory mission, a number of Cylon Vipers that include Jolly and Bojay encounter lights and then see a strange space ship before being knocked out with a sound emanating from the direction of the light space ship.

Capt Apollo, Lieutenant Starbuck and Lieutenant Sheba are despatched to find out what happened to the previous mission but they do not find any signs. They come across a planet with no signs of life but they decide to visit the planet. The planet's vegetation is red compared to the vegetation on Earth which is green. After discovering a impact zone caused by a space ship, they encounter Count Iblis who doesn't register on any life meter readings.

Count Iblis is taken back to the Battlestar Galactica where manages to persuade Lieutenant Sheba to show him around the Battlestar including to the bridge. Lieutenant Athena notes that when Iblis was by the computers, the computers didn't work but worked again when he walked away.

Commander Adama asks to see Iblis as he is concerned that he is getting too many privileges. When Adama meets Iblis, Iblis says he'll grant the crew three wishes so choose wisely. All Iblis asks in return is that the Galactica follow him.

Sheba takes Iblis to Gemini craft where people recognise him. Iblis grants the people a wish for better rations and the agriculture craft some how gains more produce than normal.

When Iblis is introduced to the council of the people, the wishes are that their enemy is brought before them, they are shown the way to Earth but can't decide on the final one. The first one turns out to happen as Count Baltar suddenly and unexpectedly turns up at the Galactica and hands himself over.

Part 2

News that Baltar has surrendered spreads throughout the fleet and people are celebrating and Count Iblis persuades the viper pilots to join in. When Count Iblis confronts Baltar, Iblis remarks he has the same voice as the Cylon Imperious Leader but Iblis rejects the idea that he, Iblis is the Imperious leader.

Amongst those that are celebrating are Starbuck and Boomer. When they have to go out on patrol the next day, they are feeling the full force of the hangover much to Apollo's displeasure. Apollo didn't celebrate as hard as everyone else.

Boomer makes the off the cuff comment that he would like to beat Apollo and Starbuck at triage which is the main Colonial sport. Iblis grants Boomer his wish although its not one of the three wishes he plans to give the fleet.

Another patrol is sent out which includes Boomer and like the other patrols disappears.

Commander Adama tells his son, Capt. Apollo to go back to the planet they found Iblis and look at the ship wreck where they had first encountered Iblis. Starbuck catches Apollo as he's leaving and persuades his colleague to let him come with him. When Col. Tigh finds out, he questions Commander Adama who reveals the truth of what is going on. The strange lights that keep appearing appear over the Galactica. Iblis is with Sheba when the lights occur and discovers what is going on, Iblis goes to confront Adama and is very angry. Lieutenant Sheba takes to a Colonial Viper and ventures to join the other two Colonial pilots on the planet.

On the planet, Apollo and Starbuck look inside the crashed space ship and realise what is going on as Sheba turns up but she is prevented from looking inside. Count Iblis turns up angry out of thin air. When Apollo shoots Iblis, Iblis phases out of existence and shows his real self. Count Iblis hits back and kills Apollo. When Starbuck reacts, Iblis phases again then disappears.

Starbuck takes Apollo's body and Sheba back to the Galactica, however on route, the Raptor craft is captured by the same strange alien space ship that had captured everyone else before. Starbuck wakes up to see people in white robes with their faces covered. Starbuck is freed and is reunited with Sheba before being taken to where the dead Apollo lies in state. The covered people say that will release them and all the other prisoners and they revive Apollo.

Back on the Galactica, at a meal of the senior members, Apollo and Starbuck reveal the coordinates to Earth but they don't say how they got or remembered them.

Count Iblis didn't die and its possible if the series continued, the Count would have come back. It was never said what they found in the space ship, probably another of Iblis' kind, a dog like facial creature.

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