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Andromeda - What Happens to a Rev Deferred

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are watching the evacuation of a planet which is about to be destroyed when Rommie reveals a communication from the planety that contains a message from Rev Bem. Rommie also reveals that there is a star that will seemingly go supernova soon. It is something that they hadn't noticed earlier. One of the evacuation ships turns back and fires on the Ascendant. The Ascendant fires warning shots to scare it off.

Dylan Hunt assisted by Rebekah Valentine and Tyr Anasazi travel down to the planet in order to find their old colleague. Although he had sounded keen to go, Seamus Harper is told to stay behind with Trance Gemini on the Ascendant.

Dylan Hunt is not the only person who is after Rev Bem. A group of Mercenaries are on the planet tracking Rev. Rev manages to escape from his first encounter with the Mercenaries.

The planet is not too dissimilar from Earth with its vegetation. On the planet, the three crew members locate the machine that was broadcasting Rev Bem's message but Rev is not about. They don't have much time to track him down. The three come into contact with a group of mercenaries, the same group that had confronted Rev Bem earlier. The mercenaries are mere amateurs and are easily and quickly defeated.

Rev Bem keeps having visions of the star talking to him in the voice of his mother. His mother is the human female that he had hatched out. Rev Bem climbs to the top of a mountain which is where Dylan Hunt spots him.

When Dylan Hunt gets to the top of the mountain, Rev has disappeared but on the way down, they find a transformed Rev Bem who doesn't look too much like a Magog anymore, more human looking. Rev Bem is brought back to the Andromeda Ascendant.

Throughout the episode are snippets from previous episodes which shows Rev Bem interacting with different members of the crew including Trance Gemini

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