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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Who Mourns For Morn?

Epsiode Synopsis

When news arrives that Morn, a customer at Quark`s bar has died on an away mission from the spacestation, Quark is upset and sets about a tribute to his favourite customer. He announces that Morns stool will forever be empty. It also is revealed that Morn left all his possessions to Quark and that included a large amount of Latinum.

Quark goes in search of Latinum and meets a woman called Luria who claims to be Morn`s wife. That the Latinum came from a lottery win. Soon afterwards, a group of aliens arrive claiming ownership of Morn`s goods. They trace the Latinum to a security box where a firefight ensues. Constable Odo appears and arrests everyone.

When Quark gets back to his bar, he finds Morn is alive and well and it was stitch up to get those arrested who needed it.

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