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List of Extrasolar Planets in Andromeda

There are 19 exoplanets in this list for Andromeda on this site. Exoplanets are being discovered all the time so this might not be up to date.

Host-StarPlanet NameStar DistanceOrbital PeriodSemi-Major AxisEccentricityMassStar Magnitude 
HAT-P-16 b2352.775960.04130.0360.094Source
HAT-P-19 b2154.0087840.04660.0670.018Source
HAT-P-28 b3953.2572150.04340.0510.037Source
HAT-P-32 b3202.1500080.03430.00720.164Source
HAT-P-53 b7191.96162410.031590.1340.058Source
HAT-P-6 b2003.8530030.052350.00.119Source
HD 13931 b144.264218.
HD 1605 b258.86577.91.480.0780.0402.88Source
HD 16175 b188.75995.42.1480.6370.3703.4Source
HD 222155 b160.043999.
HD 5583 b139.350.530.0760.530Source
HD 5608 b183.86779.91.9110.0562.17Source
HD 8673 b117.621634.03.020.7231.6003.43Source
Qatar-3 b2.50792040.037830.470Source
Qatar-4 b1.80539490.028610.470Source
Qatar-5 b2.87923190.041270.180Source
WASP-1 b2.51994480.039580.00.028Source
WASP-33 b1161.219869670.025580.00.100Source

Source of Information : Exoplanets.EU

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