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List of Extrasolar Planets in Cancer

There are 22 exoplanets in this list for Cancer on this site. Exoplanets are being discovered all the time so this might not be up to date.

Host-StarPlanet NameStar DistanceOrbital PeriodSemi-Major AxisEccentricityMassStar Magnitude 
EPIC 211331236 b1001.2915630.0188Source
EPIC 211391664 b43510.136750.09430.025Source
EPIC 211418729 b48111.391090.093090.00.230Source
EPIC 211442297 b41720.2730340.13670.1370.180Source
EPIC 211822797 b21.1696190.18Source
EPIC 211913977 b14.6772860.1Source
EPIC 211924657 b802.6446460.0266Source
EPIC 211969807 b1.974190.18Source
EPIC 211970147 b9.9156150.1Source
EPIC 211990866 b1.6739160.24Source
EPIC 212006344 b742.2193150.0288Source
HAT-P-43 b5433.3326880.04430.00.083Source
HD 73534 b264.311800.03.150.0463.3Source
HD 77065 b103.48119.11350.4380.693972.0006.26Source
HD 79498 b150.381966.03.130.590.0704.62Source
HIP 41378 b381.0315.57123.61Source
WASP-65 b3102.31142430.03340.160Source

Source of Information : Exoplanets.EU

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