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List of Extrasolar Planets in Centaurus

There are 41 exoplanets in this list for Centaurus on this site. Exoplanets are being discovered all the time so this might not be up to date.

Host-StarPlanet NameStar DistanceOrbital PeriodSemi-Major AxisEccentricityMassStar Magnitude 
1SWASP J1407 b1333725.03.96.000Source
2M 1207-39 b52.4461.000Source
HATS-17 b33916.2546110.13080.0290.065Source
HATS-20 b4543.79929690.046190.50.035Source
HATS-27 b8404.6370380.06110.290.130Source
HD 101930 b95.2670.460.3020.115.79Source
HD 102117 b129.4820.670.15320.1060.018Source
HD 103197 b173.3147.840.2490.00.0065.93Source
HD 109749 b183.555.239210.06350.04510.016Source
HD 113538 b51.75663.
HD 114386 b94.24937.
HD 114729 b117.791135.02.080.323.96Source
HD 117207 b107.792627.083.780.164.67Source
HD 117618 b123.8325.
HD 121504 b147.1263.330.330.034.3Source
HD 125595 b91.189.67370.08090.00.0046.84Source
HIP 64892 b408.731594.0001.59Source
HIP 65426 b319.45923.0001.88Source
HIP 68468 b286.361.83720.0297430.41Source
NGTS-2 b4.51112040.05840.00.089Source
OGLE-GD-ECL-11388 b3250.0Source
PDS 70 b43465.020.62.000Source
Proxima Centauri b4.24311.1860.04850.00.00115.46Source
WASP-108 b2202.67554630.03970.00.091Source
WASP-128 b2.2085240.03590.00.850Source
WASP-129 b2465.7481450.06280.0960.100Source
WASP-130 b18011.550980.10120.00.040Source
WASP-131 b2505.3220230.06070.00.020Source
WASP-15 b3083.75206560.04990.00.050Source
WASP-167 b3812.02195910.03657.999Source
WASP-41 b1803.0524040.040.0260.050Source
WASP-42 b4.98168720.04580.060.035Source
WASP-87 A b2401.6827950.029460.00.160Source

Source of Information : Exoplanets.EU

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