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List of Extrasolar Planets in Leo

There are 26 exoplanets in this list for Leo on this site. Exoplanets are being discovered all the time so this might not be up to date.

Host-StarPlanet NameStar DistanceOrbital PeriodSemi-Major AxisEccentricityMassStar Magnitude 
EPIC 201295312 b5.656390.12Source
EPIC 201637175 b2250.3810710.00881.400Source
EPIC 201713348 b1.42266Source
HD 100655 b398.73157.570.760.0850.200Source
HD 100777 b161.79383.71.030.360.0304.81Source
HD 102272 b795.52127.580.6140.050.2000.89Source
HD 81040 b1081001.71.940.5260.7105.16Source
HD 88133 b265.613.415660.0470.07613.65Source
HD 89307 b105.552199.03.340.250.4004.57Source
HD 95089 b453.63507.01.510.1570.1002.05Source
HD 96063 b515.27361.10.990.280.1002.59Source
HD 97658 b68.879.49030.080.0780.0026.12Source
K2-3 b10.0546260.07750.060.003Source
K2-8 b10.352390.0856Source
PSR B0943+10 b730.01.8Source
WASP-104 b1431.75541370.029180.00.047Source
WASP-106 b2839.2897150.09170.00.076Source
Wolf 359 b7.862938.01.8450.0416.65Source

Source of Information : Exoplanets.EU

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