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Introduction, Are there Aliens or are we alone in the universe?

It is not possible to say whether there are Aliens out there or that we are alone. We have not made any real undeniable contact with aliens and because the universe is so vast that we have not and couldn't have checked everywhere for life. Some people say that crop circles are messages from aliens but why fly all this way, leave an obscure message and then fly away again. People report that they've been taken by aliens but they are dismissed as unreliable and attention seekers.

Until we get an alien mothership hovering over a major city, UFO abductions will continue to be dismissed. The only way I can plausible see us being the only life forms in the Universe is if we are at the centre of the Universe and that chemicals exist on our planet that don't exist anywhere else which is highly unlikely. The most important chemicals for life on Earth are Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. All three of those chemicals have been spotted on in space. Oxygen has been spotted in a star forming region of Orion, the Hunter constellation, you can read more about his on the BBC News website.

Panspermia - Humans are aliens to Earth ?

There is a growing belief that we, humans are aliens to this planet, that we came to Earth after hitch-hiking on a comet, that theory is called Panspermia. The theory has since taken a knock after the rosetta space probe landed a probe on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko and found that the comet was made up of the wrong type of chemicals that was required for life.

The theory gathered support when it was proven that amino acids can survive high impact collisions whilst on board such objects. Attention has now turned to asteroids but don't expect an exploratory mission to any asteroid any time soon. The experiment was carried out by NASA in America. If we arrived here by hitch-hiking then there's every bit a possibility that alien life like here on Earth exists elsewhere.

Aliens would not probably look anything like humans or animals that exist on this planet. They've only looked at one comet but there's nothing to say a different comet could be made up of different materials, materials that could contain Amino Acids. If we did come from a comet from the far reaches of space, there's nothing to say that he comets didn't split into two, one part coming to Earth, the other going to some other distant planet elsewhere in the universe. At the beginning, the life forms on both planets would be the same but environmental conditions would cause both species to change in appearance.

There are those who believe that we Originated totally on Earth with no alien help from elsewhere. Maybe human amino acids arrived on the comet/meteor that killed off the dinosaurs. The suspected meteor crashed into the Mexican Gulf and as it hit the sea, our amino acids were washed off.

Life on Earth was organisms for over a billion years before something happened and we started on the path to walking on the ground rather than just under the sea. For more information on the evolution of life on Earth, can I suggest you look at the BBC website which has an in depth section on it. Over the years the amino acids grew and developed into humans.

Other suggestions are that we were seeded here by an alien race from other worlds who wanted to preserve their own kind. If we were seeded here by aliens why have they not left any technology behind for us to use ? Why did they put us so far away from anywhere else ? Why have not they come back to see us?

Martians Alien Life

For many years, people thought that Mars could contain alien life forms. One of the reasons for that is because its so close to Earth and people had seen canals on the planet which once could flow with water. Martian aliens could have once existed on the planet many centuries ago when the planet had a strong magnetic field to protect the aliens from harmful sun rays. When the magnetic shield collapsed, the atmosphere became harmful to alien life.

The only possible alien life forms that could exist on Mars are crude organisms, not ones that could attack Earth with their death-rays. National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its partners including the European Space Agency (E.S.A.) (E.S.A.). and other space agencies have spent millions sending probes and landers to the planet to look for simple single-celled alien life forms.

Whilst they have found Methane on Mars, they have not been as bold to say they've discovered definitive evidence of life on Mars. N.A.S.A revealed they had calculated how much water Mars once did have before it changed and the result was that Mars had a large ocean once. There are people planning on moving to Mars, to build colonies, we would become aliens to Mars. We are only scratching the surface at the moment, we really need to get to Mars to discover if a Martian alien race ever existed.

What are the Ingredients of Life ?

On Earth, the main ingredients for life is Oxygen ( for animals ) and Carbon Dioxide ( for plants ), it should not be assumed that this is the case for alien life on other planets. Aliens metabolism might survive on Nitrogen or Hydrogen rather than Oxygen. An alien life form may well find that our planet is toxic as we would theirs.

On our planet, there have been places discovered where the environment is toxic to us but life has existed. There are vents under the sea which although toxic to human, life has found a way to exist. The Jupiter moon of Europa is an ice world where people think that under the crust, alien life forms could exist. Space agencies are planning to send a satellite to examine the moon for existence of alien life-forms. Whilst all life on earth with the exception of a few species ( mainly simple life forms ) requires a male and female of a species to reproduce. It should not be taken as though an alien race will have the same number of genders. The alien race might have one, two, three or more different genders.

Once contact has been made, then what ?

Everything in this section is pure conjecture as no plausible contact has been made. Let's suppose contact with an alien race has been achieved on a grand scale and that people cannot discount or deny it has occurred. What would they be here for ? Would they be peaceful or hostile ? What would they look like ? A lot of science fictions programs have aliens from other worlds as human like. They could very well be our long lost cousins but they are just as likely to look totally different. We are all used to bipedal aliens, but they could be tripodal or walk on all fours. The aliens might be waiting for us to show we are technically advanced and merit First Contact, something that is a made a big deal of in Star Trek as the First Contact Directive which Capt. James Tiberius Kirk has on a number of occasions broken.

Why now ?

Now is just about as good a time for aliens to make their appearance as any other time. The aliens might already have visited and thought 'Nah!'. For the past fifty years, we've been sending out signals from television and radio, which by now these signals might have reached a planet with alien life forms. The signals have definitely reached other planets, however whether they are inhabitable is not known. The picture at Zidbits when you click on it shows how signals have gone and t.v. show Miami Vice is now reaching Fomalhaut which has an Extrasolar Planets (Exoplanets) orbiting it. Fomalhaut b is unlikely to contain alien life forms but you never know. The Aliens could possibly have managed to interpret the signal and decided to investigate.

Amongst those signals would be images from the World Wars which might put the aliens off. The aliens might be waiting for us to get to a high level of technological competence before we meet them so they don't interfere with our progression. Some people believe we may have already been in contact with aliens and they helped our earlier civilisations such as the Incas, Aztecs and Egyptians. They point to the fact they all had Pyramids.

In 1977, scientists from the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI for short) received a signal from star in the constellation of Sagittarius which became known as the Wow Signal. It was a signal that no-one was expecting and soon everyone with a telescope was trained on that area of space where the signal had come from. Alas, no new signal was received from that area of space. People thought it might be a signal from an intelligent life form out there. Ref: Daily Mail

Hostile Aliens

Whilst we all hope that the aliens are friendly like Vulcans from Star Trek, we would need to be prepared in case they turn out to be life destroyers like in Independence Day. According to Prof. Stephen Hawkings, from Cambridge University, believes that aliens would be nomads, moving from one planet to another, using the resources and moving on and conquering new lands. He cites what Europeans did when they moved to the America and that Native Americans didn't come out well. Ref: Brainy Quotes.

The more technically advanced a race is the more aggressive they are. They could come here, take us prisoner and use us as an alternative food (V) supply or simply just enslave us. They might already know where we are from the television and radio signals that we've been beaming out into space for the last 100+ years. A alien race between here and just over 100 million light years will now be receiving our signals. They might even be sending a signal back which hasn't reached us yet.

Famous Alien Encounters

The most famous alien encounter to grab peoples attention is the incident that happened in Roswell, New Mexico. That incident has spawned a merchandise industry and lore about the area. It features in numerous television and films including its own television series, named simply Roswell. The American Government tried to draw a line under it by saying it was a crashed weather balloon but theorists are not convinced.

Across the pond as they say, Another incident has garnered a lot of attention, events surrounding a mysterious object near R.A.F. Bentwater which was being used by the American Air Force as a forward base at the time. The events caused such a stir that it caught the attention of the Government at the time, prompting a Lord to write to Michael Heseltine, the then Defence Secretary for comment.

UFO18th July 1947United StatesRoswell
UFO226th/27th December 1980United KingdomRendlesham, Suffolk

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Aliens r here to help us , they r here to guide us and to protect us / we r the aliens because they came here first, they settle them selfàs up and created life with their technology, they created hundreds of species
Klaatu Barada Nikto
It is possible that 'Aliens' are already present on Earth, but we cannot perceive them with our limited set of five senses. Perhaps at this point in our (mankinds) development it is not possible for us even to conceive of the sense required to perceive them?!
mitch anderson
Aliens are already here
I BELIEVE they exisit somewhere in this universe..But it`s in the BIBLE..so some of it has to be TRUE........
All of this information was really good and a lot of it sounds great and very reasonible, Aliens are out there and no one, not even the government can say otherwise, I believe we will discover them within the next 5 years or so I hope.
Rick, age 11
I think there out there but we've never made contact. people make the stories up about abductions and those people just want attention
i was abducted by aliens,they infected me with sars and anthrax, its all over people, the aliens have already found us and are well on our way to extinction. there isnt a prayer for us people. REPENT
I believe in aliens cuz what else will explain our adaptablity to the sometimes harsh conditions on earth and i don't believe that we evolved naturally on earth from a single cell but bred in suspended animation and then placed upon this world with no recollection of our creation. They're coming to only help us in our struggle to find our true selves and not to inforce superiority. At least i don't think. We are spiritual beings and they are the hired help from the creator.
christian renshaw
there is not enough proof that aliens exist so we might just have to wait until the aliens will come to us and we might never know if the y would come in peace or in hostility
i belive in aliens beacause we cant be the only lifeforms in the entire universe! if i had an encounter with an alien i would suspect that it would come prepared to invade and conquer Earth but we might never find out when the time will come.
are there any other planets and stars you know about
do you think that alians would distrory planets
Blaters there are aliens we are not the only life form in this universe I have seen many UFO's
This site is full of misinformation. About us being or not being the centre of the universe, that is not correct. There is no "centre" of the universe, that in itself defines an absolute set of coordinates, which obviously has been proven wrong. Amino Acids also are not the building blocks of life, the combination of the four nitrogen bases in genes is what makes up life: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine. It happens to be true though, they found stuff on comets, but that does not tell us that we came from another world at all. It means that the ingredients for life landed here and we evolved up from that. If it landed anywhere but Earth, it would have a hard as hell time surviving. Earth is the perfect environment, and studies have shown that the odds of another planet like earth, so suited for life, let alone one fortunate enough to gain life, are slim to none. The "ingredients" of life described is also wrong. The ingredient for life is water (in a liquid state, but not too cold or too hot). Also, Einstein's theories have been rigourously proven time and time again and they satisfy all known observations. Possible alternatives to Einstein's theories that favor high speeds might be things like the developing variable speed of light theory, which allows "near to infinite" speeds near cosmic strings. Other than that and maybe a few other developing physical theories favor a "bending" of Einstein's proven theories.
Simon Lee
Shouldnt the Predator be a humanoid since it: 1.walks on two legs 2.has two arms and hands 3.has a central neveous system 4.has weapons 5.talked (predator in predator2 talked a little) 6.has a mouth 7.able to listen make its decisions 8.knows how to heal itself using technology. 9.goes around hunting and collects bone (in predator 2 it collected a spine) 10.has eyes and hair basically a face 11.had wore clothe. 12.had a mask 13.had a space ship 14.could recognize facial expressions, 15.had a family or frineds (in you-know-what)
Nebari are not blue, they are grey.
Nah dude they aren't grey they are a very very light blue, might need to get your tv checked.
what the hell
Bill Irwin
Maybe Aliens do not always look the way u make them look with the Big heads and black eyes
Ginostyle wZ
will aust
Somehow the ancient egyptians knew in their religious-cosmology the same "theory" of modern science. Egyptians 3,000 yrs ago said Atum created seeds everywhere (panspermia) and they landed on earth (i.e. inside ben ben mound) and life evolved from those ben ben seeds. You can see that theory on a USA one dollar bill its the 'eye' in the small pyramid
devon turner
what do they want from us?
Delvian Seeker
Delvians without hair? So were all those hairy Delvians in Rhapsody In Blue not actually Delvians? Zhaan is the only hairless female Delvian I have seen.
yo movie sucks
I think aliens are maybe not hostile, but definately don't want us seeing them. No doubt stealth and government protection will be applied. Once they have evaluatedus, there are 3 moves they can make; reveal themselves peacefully, leave, or attack. However, I'm betting on the 2nd option, as the 1st will cause planetwide panic (im pretty sure) and the third........Well, they might have better weapons, but when it comes down to nuclear wars, i think they might be in trouble. I don't belive theyll have shielding as seen in INdependence day or anything like that. As for theyre looks, I think thyell look so strange we cant comprehend them. Maybe theyll be shape-shifting. Or maybe theyll be so tainted with alien elements that we cant see them or they cant see us or even communicate.
no coment
i think there are aleins.
can we see pics
only if you believe in santa clause
Kobol is not one of the colonies. The 12 colonies and the thirteen tribe (Earth), all originally came from Kobal, which became uninhabitable. The reasons are not spelled out, but in the series they referred to the star as pulsing. See the shows on SciFi channel, or sites like http://www.blast.net/hart/BGEPISODES.htm . Also, according to the writors guide (http://www.chrispappas.com/archives/wguide.html) all the main characters are humans.
according to me aliens are not hostile may be they also want to live in peace like us .we should welcome them & a person who wrote that 'what the hell' i think he is having no manners
mark anderew gibbons
I think this Movie is magnificent!
For the support of my people, I believe that aliens did abduct people. You Can't say that aliens cannot use technology beyond us, because they can. What would the abductions theory shows that an alien species that has found us, Steven Hawkins says that when we see these aliens thay will not approach us with out fear and they may not think of us as superior to them and they may destroy us. i don't believe in Steven Hawkins but I believe in his classification for caution. Doing to my understanding in alien civilations, they consider us as one with many creatures of the cosmos. They will not consider us as equals or under equals. They just consider us minor interuptions to the cosmos. They will not destroy us by means of attack. So I consider all of the Steven Hawkins results a misfront to eproach aliens with a cautional exception.
Vamsi Krishna.C
Yes I am sure that Aliens are present in the Universe.They will surely have some observation on us.As they also have some intention in knowing about the other planets.But I wish to meet them if possible.
If the universe is infinite, there are more worlds (suns, planets and sattelites) in outer space than all the grains of sand of all the beaches, seas and deserts of the Earth. If there is life in our planet, certainly many other planets and sattelites have any form of life, primitive or not.
EVERYONE who's still seeking to find an answer - look on youtube after buzz aldrin. a UTMOST RELIABLE astronaut who decided to talk.
What is it with humans and this idea that aliens are as intelligent if not more so then us, why do we think theyr observing us if we cant observe them. Why must there be a "UFO"?
i feel that aliens would only do to us what we woudl do if we foudn a new civilization. Explorer, we may not be as careful as possible but still respect the creatures. But in all cases, human alike, there are different peopel int he world, soem out to make money, some out to explorer and discover. I don't think aliens owuld ever invade earth, just liek there are activists on earth there must be in outer space. But, all encounters of aliens coudl easily be fake, before sci-fi became a popular genre there where barely any alien sitings, but now there are loads, people are imaging things. Anyway, i'm a big beliver in creationism, the earth so perfect coudl not be created by an explosion, and even if evoultion does exist, It coudl not mold the world into what it is now, with so much culture, so much compleity, only a design could create this. Look at me, i'm talkign about god when i'm meant to be talkign a bout aliens, o well, bi bi xxx
I believe we were put on this world as a test. Not sure what kind of test, but aliens are humans and we have a mother planet. I do believe they have better technolgy then us because they have been around longer. Why would humans put other humans on a planet that is unknown? Maybe to see if we would event new technolgy that they can't because of a bias reason(poltics, religon)?
Kyle harrison
that kind of cool that aliens are from jupiter that can never come to are earth.
Anahit Camacho
Although I think that this was simply a spirit, it may be an alien: When I was playing soccer with my dog, I saw a basic body form: head, limbs, body, but that was it. The being was black w/colorful streaks, ever changing color and location on the being's body. The being walked toward me ( or at least I think walking; this happened two or four years ago), but then stopped about a yard ( roughly a metre) away from me, and disappeared. You know how animals are always in the know with abnormal happenings? My dog went wild over it, chasing what appeared to be nothing, but I knew, even then, that it was the now invisible being. This was the first type of encounter.
I would think that any aliens would think of us as technological barbarians playing with matches; far closer to the cave than any real degree of civilization.
I don't know if you would call it an encounter or not, but quite a few years ago (when I was in high school) My cousin, one of my friends, and I were driving around some of the back roads close to my house. MY friend wanted to stop to take a leak. (remember we are on a gravel road) As my cousin and I are sitting there we all here a strange crunching noise along with a whoosh noise, but we felt nothing. I got out and immediately noticed that rocks from the gravel were pushed up against my tires. When I walked to the other side of my car to see if it was the same with the rocks it looked as if there were ruts caused by my tires. So, altogether it looked as though my car had slid sideways, but like I said we felt nothing. Once we made it back to my house we quickly realized that what normally takes about 45 minutes took almost 3 hours to drive. So, where did the time go? And has anyone heard of anything like that?
What will happen on Dec 21, 2012? Aliens or the end?
No comments.
More stars than grains of sand...We are not alone in the expanse of the Universe. All it would take is for one microscopic organism to be found outside the realms of Earth for us to realise life can and does exist elsewhere, the only question is in what abundance?
Jim F F
Where there is water there is life, so why not the same on other planets!
phil hems
For an alian race to get here they would need hands and opposable thumbs or there is know way they could use/build complex machinery, if you could put the smartest brain in this or any other universe in a dog and all you would have is a very smart dog it would still have to pick things up with its mouth. In short you would have to asume any alian race able to build the technology capable of getting here have either followed a similar evolutionary pattern to ourselves or reptiles as they have hands with thumbs too.
edwin gatia
The "Phenomenon" is for REAL!
One section in your internet web page states that the aliens weapons would be superiour to ours. But how do you know that? Unless you've faced one or are one they could walk around with spears for all we know.
k.s.dheeraj reddy
as there is a source of life on our planet earth ,i think there may be chance foe source of life on other planets too...
Marcelo Zilli
Universe is TOO big; there's almost impossible to be alone on it!
I believe the dinosaurs were wiped out by our own kind from a far away planet, whos technology is far beyond anything we can imagine. Just as we understand how to control and make things grow on our own planet, they understand how to control and make things grow on other planets. This is how they keep their species (us) alive, all beit in a form that will survive in certain conditions governed by the specific make-up of each planet. Other ingredients such as other types of species which are vital to the human survival would also be introduced to create balance. This is just an idea to me that is just as feasible as any unproven theory. After all theories are born to be proven. What makes us theorise? Our curiosity perhaps. Who knows. Some people think I am mad but those people wouldn't think I were mad if I belived in God. Who's mad? After all if it were not for theories where would we be.
I believe the dinosaurs were wiped out by our own kind from a far away planet, whos technology is far beyond anything we can imagine. Just as we understand how to control and make things grow on our own planet, they understand how to control and make things grow on other planets. This is how they keep their species (us) alive, all beit in a form that will survive in certain conditions governed by the specific make-up of each planet. Other ingredients such as other types of species which are vital to the human survival would also be introduced to create balance. This is just an idea to me that is just as feasible as any unproven theory. After all theories are born to be proven. What makes us theorise? Our curiosity perhaps. Who knows. Some people think I am mad but those people wouldn't think I were mad if I belived in God. Who's mad? After all if it were not for theories where would we be.
Edgar Palaquibay
Aliens are real. There's inevitable evidence. People have to realize the truth and area 51 wants to keep it a secret to us. Why do you think area 51 is off limits and there have been many reports that u.f.os have been taking off once a week? Area 51 wants to use the alien technology to use it against in a huge war. Mabey in desperate attemt to win world war 3 if there is one. There is a good posibility there will be. The U.S government is really corrupt just to get money or going to war. For example operation Northwoods. That is when they planed to attack innocent people to blame it all on Fidel Castros doing so they can start a war and have a reason for it.
not telling
I had a abduction experience that is very vivid yet today. the only difference is that before they done experiments everyone in the ship was watching others being experimented on. I however was about 6 years old at the time and found that it was not a solid ship i exited the ship and found myself in the Nevada desert on a military base where i was caught by several military officers and they had a meeting about me seeing what i saw placed me with a person living in a small house traitor who was a working a dig on Diminishes and i chatted with him for several hours. After what seemed like a few hours with him a military officer came and got me they give me a shot in the head of some type of chemical that caused damage to my brain but did not remove the memories they were after however i lost all my education and teachers names friends names and most other life experiences prior to that point. I never had another abduction experience. However i still have effects from the drugs that they used as an attempt to get me to forget the experience. I am not certain about the time the drugs were given or my age I just know i was starting Second grade and did not even know where i lived after the shot was given. I did not fully recover form the shot given until the 6 grade and then i was extremely far behind in my education and was in special education classes. I even found that all the critters were animonotronices by watching them being worked to do all the task by wires like puppets and some parts were controlled by several people by joysticks. So i believe it is all a hoax or at least my experience was. It was a experiment on genetic manipulation by a group that had U.S. military outfits. I even discovered what they were doing they were collecting the materials form people to create a fake alien race to have a fake war against them to united the world under one government. I was only 6 years old or so and they answered all my questions with the truth because after all i was too young to be believed or maybe they planned on just killing me not sure or even that they believed the drugs would work...
Zulema Ochoa
I do believe that there are aliens, cause my parents were in Mexico once, and then they suddenly saw a UFO outside of the house of my aunt and uncle. I believe my parents cause they never lie to me. I also once sort of saw a UFO when we went to San Diego. We were in the car. I was bored so I put the window down and stared at the sky. Suddenly I saw an images that looked like a UFO. I looked at it closely. It was a UFO. I just put up the window. I was so freaked out.I've never told my parents about that. It was freaky.
i do believe that aliens exists.
i believe theres nothing out there
well if there''s more planets than there is sand on the beaches there must be other life in the universe so depending on the conditions they live in will determine what they look like but if you get real big when you get real big then I don''t no how there going to do it
steven yates
The yes and no answers dont go into enough detail and we should be allowed to comment. Man is his own worst enemy and maybe alien contact would either save or destroy us, either way it would be a good result for us. Hopefully the "save us" scenario will prevail....
Theresa Morris
Thank you for this universe guide website. I am a believer of aliens and UFOs. "I believe alien civilizations exist." My life's experiences with many sightings and encounters have given me first hand experiences. Now, I would like to see the government release all information on our visitors from other solar systems. Stanton Friedman is an expert on the subject though he has never encountered a UFO or Alien per his personal conversation with me. George Filer of Filer's Files has had UFO sightings while working for the U.S. Air Force and has devoted his life to UFO files. Together, we three plan on spending the rest of our lives sharing our information we call truth! Alien Civilizations Exist! Theresa Thurmond Morris
Look, I like the Vorlons because they are very similar to the Ascended Ancients out of Stargate of which I am a great fan. The one thing that I love about the Vorlons is the Enormity of the "Planetkiller" class Warship. They are my Fav race in B5 and thats about all I can say.
Fox Mulder
The truth is out there people.
why wont aliens then make contact with us if they are out there, i feel that einstiens thereom is breakable and tht it will be broken, as i can t believe that we shall never be able to break it as we are advancing so quickly
more to life than what you see -i read on mans thoughts or follow no man , i am not alien but was picked up in 1975 that is when i was given gift of knowing most things i wamted to know ,only of human nature as that is my interrest the brain of man is too small to know everything and no iam not nuts , a gift of live is to know how nuts your are as compared to everyone around you , most don,t , i could tell you a lot of alien exp. but say not to ears who can,t hear- but what they wamt , only other thing i will say of aliens is they haved evolved of silicon, a lot of people will know what i mean , they also know of universal intelagance , but as a race we are just lifting head out of swamp ,you could not talk to 95% people because they ack by feelings not logic thats ok for them as that is how we evoled , i don,t have to feel fire to know it burns , i am on 385 thinkers sites hoping to find someone who has seen what i have to share it , but not one person ,have good day earthman -ps to know something knowing we will all die means nothing - to know is a short time for very few, when movementand space run out that is end of time that is the place i know of
This is a respond to.. Alyssa... the exact thing happend to me a few years back... in the exact same order.. exept the fact that i dont have a futon.. but i woke up with a scar in the shape a triangle on the inside part of my wrist.
I believe that we are not alone..We are but an ant amongst billions of others, or just a small fish in a fish bowl..We can't see out of it.We will one day, but the human race isn't ready yet..Maybe another 100 years.
I believe that the written history shows they have periodically shown themselves through out the ages. Read the bible.
i think aliens are real but since our universe is so big, i sometimes realise and think about hw big it might actually be, and if there is an end to it there might be something we will want to know about, the possibilties are endless if you think about it, it's hard to imagine how big space might just be, aliens could be anwhere out there, and if they were to try and find us and "attack" s why would they? if we found aliens or even humans of a different varitity what would we do? i know exactly what we would do we would cpture one of them and ask quesitions, and if it doesn;t speak english we shall then find other ways to communicate with it. If we came from a slime off a comet couldn't another comet land on another planet and form a life? have we not thought about these possibilities? please i like to hear about any notices about aliens and what you think about this comment if it has made your mind think differently? ciera.
we are not alone ever had the feeling your been watched right now if you ccould turn around quick enough you may see them
Jess, beckiiee and han
I saw a funny, queer looking contraption this evening, that could have been an alien!!!! *thinking for a moment* Yes it quite possibly could have been!!!! Que the scary atmsopheric mucus lucus pucus. write to me telling me your thought and feeling on this particular subject!!!
just a friend of a neighbour
I had just the same experiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG im not the only one!!!
i truly believe that there is other life out there but i find it difficult to believe that an alien race would go to extreme lengths to cover their tracks whilst investigating us. if they're capable of space travel then their knowledge of the universe and lifeforms within it must be so vast i doubt theyd be interested in covertly studying us unless they find it entertainning. if they are out there then i believe that we'd have the technologie to discover them. if they are out there then they too are curious about the universe and would be very interested in meeting us. as for being hostile, what would be the point? unless they want our planet i suppose. then we really are screwed.
Yang Gan
I also believe that there are aliens. But since the universe is so huge, we can't possibly know where they are. It is possible for aliens to come in their strange UFOs, but if they can make something like that, we can, too. Maybe in decades we can find new elements and minerals. Here's my advise: Try finding them in other plants.
isaac Padilla
to think we are alone would be inverosimil. Are we being visited? If so why don't they show themselves? If you believe in the Bible then you have documented proof. The fallen angels were not of this planet and they crossbred with humans and their offspring were called nefilim who were diferent from normal humans. If I were an alien and came across this planet after analizing it I would come to the conclusion that it was infested by these creatures who would eventually kill the planet like cancer and in the process kill themselves. If I decide on healing the planet ,guess what would have to be done? Do I want to see them? No, logic tells me they would see this infested planet and try to get rid of its pests.
isaac Padilla
Now, I believe Aliens must exist the immense size of the universe and number of planets allow probability to become reality.What I don't believe is that "God speaks to YOU" or that you've been "picked up by an Alien."
I think alien is allready in this planet ,they are most of all is friendly. The have a hight spiritual intelegent. we can make a contact by meditation ,you can here or saw them . it wil be surprice if you know how good they are with love.. Some time so many time i can see the alien`s craft at the sky when i woke up and in my mind i must look up the sky and it happened.
I have personally encountered three human-looking aliens,this occured over thirty years ago,I have never mentioned this openly before,they were quite normal looking,very polite and friendly,and also very helpful. we sat and talked for about 10 minutes,then they left.We later communicated by telepathy when they were back aboard their craft. I asked for objective evidence of their reality,I was told that there were three craft forming a diamond like shape,the next day in the local paper there was a report of three UFOs seen flying in a diamond like formation. regards michael.
Keil Stan Listral
i hav neva been in a encounter with an alien, but the incidents recorded r convincing enuf to make me believ in aliens. i wud like to be in encounter myself, but then on second thought, perhaps not. from wat i hear it's frightening to be in an encounter.
adrian small
Life is life whether it looks like us humans or not. You should respect all types of life and they will respect you.The only difference is looks.Other forms of life have feelings and needs just like we do. so be friendly and respectfull to all creatures whether large or small. Be Peacefull and kind to all life,that is what i think.
If you were a visitor from outer space would you come ere? we sent out the voyager probe in the 70's with wot we look like and were we are and when they come visit we shoot at them good going Earthlings, so I ask again would you visit?
Graham King
I find it interesting to imagine aliens (other biological life) and always have! Whether animal or intelligent, imaginary beings of my own and others' imaginations allow scope to explore ideas and express aspects of terrestrial experience in novel settings. C.S. Lewis's novels set on Malacandra (Mars) and Perelandra (Venus) exemplify this use of other worlds to throw light on issues of this world. I find the accounts of UFO's generally unsubstantiated and implausible in terms of actual biological aliens in actual technological space vehicles. I expect some sightings are due to unusual phenomena including some things not yet understood about the world we live in (geological/electrochemical/weather/astronomical, etc) and also to aspects of human nature we're not fully aware of. However it seems that many people do have experiences which are psychologically or spiritually or even sometimes physically real to them (affect them strongly - whether for good or ill). I think it noteworthy that, in our materialist-influenced heavily-technological society, experiences that other societies might interpret as supernatural in origin (divine or angelic, demonic or ghostly) are instead here seen in sci-fi terms, as space aliens/spacecraft, in keeping with OUR preoccupations. Aliens are seen as scientifically-plausible while the 'scientific' world is however mostly unwelcoming even to the idea of BENEVOLENT 'spirits' (angels)! If there ARE real other intelligences acting in our world I think they are likely something OTHER than they are perceived to be by many 'close encounter-ees'. The understandable reticence of some people, the deeply-held beliefs of others, and duplicity of some, combine to make this a tricky field in which to ascertain truth.
the man
they will be smart
yeah sean is right if alean do exist im not sayin they dont we would have all been wasted by now.
hay!! if yeah... is so smart build a dang spaceship,go to mars and find out!!!!!!!!!! oh by da way evrebody here aint a friggin nerd!!!!!!!!!
bill jones
hope we are not alone
I dont think it was right the way they did the people they could of gave them a little slake.
We are not alone in this universe, that means aliens really exist!
Rick S.
The Sontarans are a race of belligerent and militaristic clones who value honor above all else.
Aliens maybe here but not UFOS
I know a lot about aliens. My best friend is an alien. I'd like to warn you all. They're not what humans would expect. They are extremely smart. I can't figure out whose side she's on. But I do know that if they do plan to take over our weak planet, we don't stand even the slightest chance. And I will say no more. I am risking her safety already. No matter what I am on their side. Don't try to turn me...
if we can try to send our signals directly to other planets may be we can get an reply of the signals sent by us if yes then aliens are present.............
Lotus Jaguar
I'm of the belief that we've already been contacted, that we're presently being contacted and that this information is being kept from the vast majority of this planet's population. I'm enjoying the information on this site and I thank you for providing this space for use in my self-education.
jessica sosa
Have you seen an alien? How does an alien look like? Where did you looked at it and when?
W. Harris
I once heard it said,Not only are we not alone in the universe, but we may wish one day that we were.
i believe that aliens exist i need more information......about them please send any photo snaps to me...
in my opnion aliens may or may not know the technology beter than that of humans...in my opinion it can be within the ratio of 7:3 ie. may not:may be.. respectivly....as there are so many evidences of UFO but there is no such an evidence that UFO have landed on earth to expose it or .. may be there are the chances that they are on reserch of the technology that we human beings have.....But i can surely say that the technologies apart from "Exploring earth", they are still in developing stage. But the technology to explore world is HIGH ENDED or far better than that of us. One of the reason may be the passion about there unique work.... They could have conquerd our earth years back if they have the technologies like "bombs, mesiles etc.......".....but You can see they are just UFO for us.. and nothing else.
massimo gifoli
Aliens do not attack they are to far advanced, they can make you go to sleep and clear your fear.Have good rest of thoughts.
Avant Hall
I think any intelligent aliens humans encounter within the next few hundred years will be hostile. We'll discover their presence when we are under attack (propably when they bombard us with asteriods). I think the reasons that there is no evidence of any intelligent alien life is that any alien civilization have learned to be silent if it wishes to survive and that the unverse is so huge. They look like nothing we'll expect, naturally, since they evolved in an alien ecosystem.
Shane Lucier
I knew were Aliens eyes i saw Aliens doing you can't find hint Aliens home i knew were Aliens is black wall on high top you can't see you need light . you will easy see Aliens on top and NO FIRE! Aliens knew hate fire by me Aliens will kill you be carefully and no killer Aliens you need meet queen Alien and get killer and fast running get back to safe Aliens will piss off to you Aliens will find to you! You need hint very safe like no peep! IF you has peep hint to there like no safe to there! Aliens like peeping easy killer to all people! Aliens if no peep no hurt to you very safe you need thing about or ask shane luicer i saw any Aliens doing and people doing! Thank you any ask Shane Lucier
i'm 14 and for my whole life i have lived on the lake with my mom and we repetly have scene lights that hover over the lake my father had once shined a high beam on the lights and they imedeatly disapeared. they''ll come and go but they hover and in the binoculars you'll see that these lights fit around a circualar figure.i've once watched these lights move upward then crash down into the water there not at water level there at least 1-2 hundred above.U.F.O's?!?! plus my mother has called the coast guard about it and they said it's nothing....
in 2012 planet X will change are obrit.
one time I seen a alien out side my window!
Wow that was so fun.I really think aliens are comen i joke about it all the time.Me an my friends to
bob doran
The late Larry Norman said in a song,"And if there's life on other planets then I'm sure that he must know and he's been there once already and has died to save their souls." If God loves all people the same,deeply then it begs the question wouldn't God love every person galaxy wide human and non? If I was on a Star Ship I would want to serve as a chaplain and I would encourage peace,kindness and charity for first contact. It would be such an honor for me to meet a real ET to have a friendly theologival discussion and invite them to celebrate the Lord's table in my Church. Now aint that a kick in the pants!
some of my friends think that the aliens will save us from a gigantic meteor and they will help us to survive. i have readed books and there was a text aliens created us and we are theyr experiments. and that there is a tiny metalic labratory in the midlle of ocean well that explains why there is a water preasure.
NASA have sent many messages in space but dint get any messages from them (aliens). so i think they are not real. UFO'S are secret military stuff like the plane whho looks like a circle and flies faster than reactive plane.
andrew greaves (perth australia)
i believe there are species out there that were not alone. on the other hand more intellegent and technologically more advanced then us. i would think they would have a map or some sort of map that outlines every planet in the universe, just like a map to get to one place to another on this planet, i wouldnt be surprised. considering the vast distance between us and the stars, we would never know what is really out there, only these aliens would know, i think the US Government has some sort of treaty deal going on for the aliens to conduct experiments on us humans and our planet, and to visit regularly as everything is cover up so the US Gov has what no other countries got, extraterresterial material and crafts. its coincidence that only ufos are witnessed mainly in america, than any other countries. maybe aliens are doing some sort of deals with every other planet out there with there own species-like, like they are with earth, coming to US to conduct business-like deals to find out more about humans, as they are willing to give information and material in exchange, everything is a possibility but only Area 51 shall know. we are not alone. ANDREW. PERTH AUSTRALIA
serenity i a good movie and the revers in the movie are amazing, are they considerd alien????? there are more then 18 moons orbiting Saturn.
i belive that aliens exist somewhere out there.
do u think that aliens are real or not? i do think they are i think they visited the egiptions
Seb Melmoth
It would be arrogent to assume that we are the only life force within something we cannot comprehend. Just as arrogent as believing the sun revolves around the earth.
Billie Turknett
I don't believe in aliens or anything simular to them. Our Government and other Governments do things and create things that we have never and will never know about. Everything can be explained and if it can't be explained, it is an act of God. Billie
are aliens real and tell me the true!!!!
Hi All again, some interesting comments from you all and it often makes me wonder why we all focus on the ship/being/looks and other similar physical style of attributes when sometimes we have to remember in the scheme of energy densities/vibration we are as human on this planet with heavy/denser energy. This means that anything of a much lighter vibration can travel at warp speeds which is normal for them and mind blowing for people who do not understand vibration/energy equation stats. if anyone has experienced the sheer pleasure of astral travel whilst being awake and aware of it, you will remember how swiftly and lightly you can move at speed without the heaviness of your physical body, having left it behind for a while. Also I was reading an interesting article recently concerning Gravity and the misconception when relating it to this style of discussion here. The author pointed out (rightly in my opinion) that it is not the gravity that allows the travel it is an association to the vibration rate/level of the intended travel destination that you have to match to get there and remain within that reality/dimension. So for example traveling out of the earths atmosphere would be one vibration, followed by another whilst traveling through space being to get to your intended destination and finally the vibration/energy match upon arrival at the destination to allow you to remain there. Example- I am flying lightly without my body at speed in the astral plane dimension around the earth, opposed to me trying to fly lightly at speed in my human dense physical body around the astral plane which at this time is simply impossible to do without dying., you simply just cannot reach that dimension/vibration in the now human heavy body so I have to leave that behind for a short time to achieve that state whilst not dying but cannot remain there for any long length of time this way. We all achieve this type of travel mainly unconsciously to you when you sleep at night. As for the bodies of the aliens well if you notice the popular grays are lighter and appear translucent so if they are a reality there normal habitat must be one to match that vibration so if we examine this theory and have any idea on the vibration level and rate we can as humans then go and look for that. The craft is just a vehicle where they can remain in together and change the vibration of the craft as discussed above as a necessity of travel. They have found a way to also change their lighter vibrational energy bodies to a heavier sustainable one to when visiting our denser/heavier vibration or elsewhere. They are chameleons, shape shifters able to adapt to the visiting vibrational environment they are visiting, this is not something we have learned to do yet and still remain in our physical bodies while we do it, without technically dying first. (Not to my knowledge yet anyway) Scientist have also discovered a way to manipulate energy/vibration recently and say in the next 10 years they will have completed a method whereby we can appear invisible to others and yet still remain in the body, Harry potter stand aside-) where that will lead us god only knows-) However when we think of this we can see it is the same for other beings who are around us even now and we cannot see them, it opens up a whole new view of the world to come. And the final thought on all this-) is that wherever you go and whomever you see as another dimension is where a part of you is already there living and co-existing alongside this part of us and we just donà t know it yet. Maybe it will be just to scary to view all parts of ourselves as the hologram that we know we are. We are timeless and the past, present, future is all in the here and now which I know is a difficult concept for many until they have been on a seeking path for a while and gradually absorbed knowledge of such matters more. So everything we discuss is subjective at most. I wonder which one it is. Regards J
We may never find any other species of life. But the truth is, that you have to believe that there are other civilizations out there. You just have to! Governments may toy with things that are top secret, but that can't be the reason why people automatically say that aliens are just made up things by the government. You can't just say "yeah, aliens don't exist" just because the government does top secret things that we don't know about. They DO exist, but im not sure if we will actually meet aliens and communicate with them. But it is still possible in the future. -Rob
the stories regarding the aliens is surprisingly intresting evry time, now its turn to have seem them alive,
MELESSIA Thursday, 25th August 2016 6:15:24 AM
I do agree , we are barbaric, compared to aliens, and I beleive that there is all different kinds of aliens... different shapes and sizes, just like humans, we aren't all the same...I just don't understand, why we aren't all united by now.....? I mean come on just bust it all wide open, and let's become friends;)
Marcus Lewis
Whoever thinks that we are the only intelligent life in this universe must be ignorant . We have not even gotten close to understanding where we came from . Many people I've talked to and explained my thought on this subject think I'm crazy . I belive that the missing link in human evolution was an alien influence . We conduct experiments on animals . What if while mankind was evolving there were "aliens" studying us and experimented on us ? So who's to say that the missing link in our evolution is not of alien origin ? Marcus Lewis mlcompany2003@-----------com
I dont care if people think im crazy, and some of you problably will, but i know i saw a UFO. It was raining laste night and I looked up in the sky and there it was. I never saw anything like it before. It had so many lights and was shaped kinda like a rectangle. It was moving slow and then all of a sudden it was gone within less of a blink of an eye. So I dont care what anyone says, because i do believe in UFO's.
I Beleive that most alien abduction stories are linked to lucid dreams or hypnogogic & hypnopompic hallucinations emanating from people with severe fantasy prone personalities.In my mind it is still an open question.Why are there not any persons reporting these incidents as kidnappings to the proper authorities? One possible reason is they are unsure as to the reality of it.
i believe that aliens exist in the universe and then it is right that UFO's exist.
Why would the universe be so big if there is nothing else out there? Even if there havent been visitors to our planet, I'm sure there is something else out there, no matter how primitive.
it is so stupid to think, that humans are the only clever beings in the universe.
There's been so much evidence, tantalizing and teasing us. It is almost 2004---what are they waiting for? How much longer do we stand on the brink?
they are here among us.sometimes i think that they are watching us every moment!
they are real and have many different species/races of aliens that have different opinions about us. rather to wipe us out, eat us, or etc.
I think it's possible! Just because we don't know of anyone else, doesn't mean we're King of the Universe, does it? What is Aleins thought that, and tried to kill us? We need to do reaserch, try to find out where trhey live, what they know, how they can better the World, and what they think we need to improve, cause I think they've been watching for a long time. What about that who electronic jump? Now everything is electronic! I think they helped!
they are humans like us, but different species, they looked at us like childrens, as an uncivilized world, they been guiding us for thousands of years with religions, bibles, telepathic messages specially now this last two centurys, as you all know we are being visited more than ever by aliens due to the advance technology we are achieving, obviously they predicted this since they seeded as because thats the moment where all cibilizations gets to face, some survive some don't. The atomic energy is very delicate it doesn't only affect this world it is so powerful that it affect neighbour worlds,this is one of their main messages.
I personally believe that we are hybrids of the typical "grey" alien. They knew that through time, and through evolution we would gain a chromosome that they themselves needed in order to evolve. Many types of aliens visit the planet, but they are mainly the greys. Like the guy before me said, they created religions(and isn't it strange how they all contain an armaghhedon story?),and have been seeding us technology. This technology given was the exchange for them being able to study humans without harming them. This was an agreement made between members of the US government and representives of their species in the late 50's. Roswell is a landing base for the aliens, and there are several others throught the world. People shouldn't try to deny the existance of aliens. There are so many reputable people who speak the truth, and you'd have to be naive to not see the connections. John Lear, search for him on Google. Created Lear jets, worked for the military. He sure has a lot to say about secret documents he transported. No matter what the truth may be, we may never get to see it. Part of the wonder of life is everything that is unknown. It drives people to come to their own conclusions about what is real and what is not. Personally, when I look up at the sky (especially at night), all I can really think about is infinity. All around you, up down left right, it all goes to infinity. Although it may be unknown to us how we got here, it should be known to everybody that there is definatly other life out there. Some are more advanced that others and play a more manipulative role. I think even alien rationality would include doing things for gain. Even though the species might come off as nice, they are still visiting us for a reason. My advice to you is if you see a UFO, don't stand in awe and be a hippie about it, run your ass away from it. Who likes being probed anyways?
Too late, too late to turn back
i like aliens
Inadequate survey. Need more detailed description choices.
all this talk of aliens is dumb there is no such thing as aliens and there will never be. and i bet no one can prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
margaret remiasz
there r millions of stars on this galaxy, millions of galaxies out there, the universe is so big that anything u think it all ready exists in fact the universe is bigger than our mind thatàs why we will always ask our selfàs the same question -if there is an end in the universe. there could be an end but it will never reach our mind, when we say that our star is the only one that holds life is like saying that only one cell of our body is alive, I donà t think there is a point or there is a way of a body to live with only one cell alive. There wouldn't be a point for one cell alive to live around one million dead, I personally believe that the people from the last 2 comments ignore the size of the universe each word they said is from there mind and they think that there mind is bigger than the universe when the universe prove them that only this galaxy holds billions of lifeàs they will become crazy. ur mind is a creation of the universe (ur mind is a creation of god)the universe will try to create in ur mind billions of things but ur mind will always not be big enough to have everything install in ur brain. for the people who think that there r not aliens donà t worried the universe will later install more things in ur brain just remember something- is not proof u have to look for- it is understanding /THINK. for= vannessa u got to think more this could be a dumb subject but is a subject just like maths - u can't prove or explain to a 1 year old baby that 2+2=4 he or her will think that maths is dumb/ u have to realise the sky is black because ur mind (and light) does not reach the end of the universe, if u think again you realise that there couldnà t be only one coincidence that our planet is far and near enough of the sun to create life with photosynthesis. the equation for photosynthesis could also be done somewhere in the universe where there could be another coincidence if u look at the equation of photosynthesis u can see there r 4 simple things carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and light, just 3 gases and light thatàs all it takes for a world to hold life, after that atoms from different kinds will dedicate to form biological cells
i believe that aliens exist. they r kind hearted
shantanu kant dubey
i`ve been greatful to u for ur survey to know what our youth thinks about the universe. i hope that we would be able to find answers to our questions.
This website rules
pawas and shrirang
it is a very good subject for research i wish we will get them soon.
Aliens are a load of BULL!! that may be my own oponion and i may only be 15 but there is no way there is extraterrestrial life forms... people who do believe it i think are jst paranoid and need to get over it and start life anew xDD jst my opinion ok? Leonie xxx
archana chimankar
i dont think so that we are alone in the universe
luke fitch
I've been abuducted when I was only 9 years old. They performed experiments i did not understand. They scared me for life.
I think aliens are kool, why do people assume they are evil? If they were, wouldn't they have done something to us already? =*.*=
Virgilio Soto jr 2
I had never imagined in my woldest dreams that what happened to me was real! I exactly do not remember what year it was maybe 1973 or 74 I was working for the postal service in Paterson N.J. Outside on the platform I was draging a bag of mail when...I looked up and saw this HUGE ... I mean huge craft I was frozen all I could do was turn my head.... I tried to speak and tell my co-worker anything something but he was frozen too! I could not all I heard in my ears was a high and low pitch whining sound then I remember nothing! But after that my co-workers told me where were you You have been missing for over an hour after I felt sick and went home . Until that day I hated peas but now I eat them . AM I CRAZY?
it is unavoidable not to encounetr with other alean life form. we have to cope with, in future, to share universewith them. so it's good to b ready.
D. Raj
Sir, I strictly believe that we are not at all alone in this "UNIVESE". I wish they 'll be Friendly. Your way of thinking about the environment of the alien planets is worthy Mr. Thank u for giving me this oppartunity. yours sincerely D. Raj
i saw on signs a dude said they were for navagational purposes.
They may be genetically enhanced, but they make mistakes, just like all of us. One is despising genetically non-enhanced beings. They have this unrealistic idea that they're the only race worth something. Some of them though, noticed the good things in ordinary humans. I think they're not supposed to live separated by other races.
Correction: FROM other races. Isolated that is.
i think i would analyse the aliens when i see them or study about them , but the aliens are unbelievable characters
i don,t thik they will be smart
Faith Beller
aliens are real you just have to let yourself look at the facts and believe that theres something out there, this univeris is way to big to have up being the only living creachers. so i believe!
there should be a 3rd box on the questionaire for if you'r not sure, ermm I think that the universe is so huge there has to be some other life out there, allthough you would have to travel faster than light to make any distance which is impossible for us at the mo :( ermm so yer who knows
Some day deferent alians will come.The sky will turn red. Meni people will be kild brutal,others will muteid. The population of the humans will be veri smal.
J. A. Smith
I maybe old but still beleve. watch the movie [The day the earth stood still] I hope it will be maybe smoooother of a contact an not a shoot ask later thing.
You don't need to know my name...
I think E.T's do exist, and doubt they are hostile. Think about it, we are one single planet, in a galaxy of billions of planets, and one single galaxy in a universe of trillions of galaxies. Chances are that they do exist. But I really do not think they are hostile, because they've watched us for many years, and haven't attacked yet, they are far superior to us in technology, so why not kick us when we're down? Are they waiting for us to get better technology so we can put up a fight? I doubt it.
anthony gonze
ther might be other lifeforms. by anthony gonze
anthony gonze
maby ther is other life in the univers.by anthony gonze
Why they don't tell about aliens?What are doing in area 51 ?Why they don't show us like normal creathers and talk with us ?Why they live in secret
Virgilio Soto
Aliens come in various colors and sizes. Some are good and some aren't. Some even look like you and I.
the fly
who cares if they are real or not,quit figthing over it and live in peace lovers
Why do things have to be classified I mean if you saw something you can't explain like a UFO you shouldn't have to classify it. I mean come one it's not like these labels you put are gonna be consistant to every encounter, or sighting. We are all Gods children Alien and Human alike so enough with the despair and down sizion of the human race and beliefs in what is true and not
if aliens were real dont u think we would have found them on 1 of the space trips that all of the nasa ppl have been on?>
aleins are really advanced so its hard to find them they have cloaking devices or something
I belive in aliens.You never know if there out there or not.My teacher said when he was in the Navy, their raydare picked up somethig underwater going about 200 miles per hour. The speed of a submerine is only about 90 miles per hour.Have you ever wondered whats underwater right now? So maybe some day you can go underwater and explore what might be down there!
I think we are the aliens we are perfectly designed for space travel i beleive that we were sent here to colonize it and once we are done here we will move onto the nxt planet
there is some one live with out us
i think that alians did them
santosh chhetry
So far I have heard only the imagination of scientist's and other's.No one has provided evidence of life outside our planet.It's a ongoing debate and it will take a while to have some good answers.Our science may be many years old but it just beggining to understand the universe.We have just started to look beyond our planet and perhaps we may find something in the years to come.
Rory of
in a Star trek Voyager episode they met a race called the Inari, who were telepathic,do you have information on this species, incl indivigual's names? needed for a novel. thanks, rory
According to the Big Bang, the universe was created by an explosion, this explosion would have been in one place not many places. That is what I'm getting at when I talk about the centre, the place where the Big Bang started. As for life starting up, let suppose we did arrive by hitching a lift on a comet, if that comet landed on any other planet in the solar system apart from Earth, it is true, life wouldn't exist as we know it. My main point of the argument was aimed at planets elsewhere in the universe. On these other planets, life might not be carbon based like here on Earth. As for saying that Einsteins theories will not one day be broken is limitting us to what we know and not enhancing ourselves.
Stop posting crap about religous stuff okay? If god made aliens anyway, then we are obviously not meant to encounter each other if we haven't already. Every person who posted here is a NERD! The only reason im posting is because i have a crappy science project due this friday (today is 4-4-06) Why are you even on an alien website. The only time i've been associated with alien s is 2 movies. Mars Attacks & War of the worlds. As you can see in War of the Worlds ALIENS AREN'T SMART!!!!!!!!!! bye! XD
Lets look at things this way - I am a citizen of the three physical dimensional (plus the fourth dimension being time) cosmos which itself may be one cosmos in the multitude of multiple dimensional cosmos (plural). My cosmos contains my universe which contains my local cluster of galaxies which contains the Milky Way Galaxy (My Galaxy), on one the outer periphery of one of my galaxy's spiral arms is Sol (my star) which contains my planet earth which contains the continent of Asia which contains my country India which contains Karnataka - the state in which I currently reside in, which contains my city of residence Bangalore which contains the suburb I live in, which contains the street I live on, which contains my house. My universe is estimated to be around 10-15 billion years, old, my star -Sol or Sun a middle aged second generation 5 billion year star, life on my planet is estimated to have evolved around 3-4 billion years ago, my species around 2-4 million years ago and I'll consider myself fortunate if I live even for one-tenth of a millennium. On a cosmic scale, even my galaxy may appear as just a blemish and may be unnoticeable in the fabric of space, and I would not even be the size of a speck- but - the ripple that I (any human) could cause in the still waters (the cosmos) could change the course of history, of space of existence/s. So why should I limit myself to a country or a race or a caste or a religion or a continent or a creed (narration intentionally not in order)? As I said - I am a citizen of the cosmos, or a multitude of cosmos (plural)
i think that we are not alone in the universe. i think there are aliens out there. To them we are probably a primitive race. They are waiting for us to get our technology advanced so they can finally make contact with us. Hopefully they will come in peace..............
What is the chance of aliens not being real? there are like billions of solar systems in the universe. Not to mension all the stars.
phill margera
aliens are real da even someone as dumb as me knows
The Dalek is the ultimate cybernetic organism of hate. The organic component was genetically engineered to breed out most emotions, with the notable exceptions of fear, paranoia, self preservation, hate, superiority, and arrogance. The cybernetic exoskeletal components allows it to adapt to situations that one would not comprehend based on looking at the cyborg. The Daleks have used a variety of power sources, (including radiation hazardous to humanoids and electricity), and ranged energy weapons, over their evolution. Dalek mobility has evolved as well. The first Daleks were unable to leave their home city because they drew power from the metallic floor, while modern Daleks have anti-gravity units capable of lifting them up a set of stairs. Most of the Dalek's outer armor appears resistant to bullets and energy weapons of human design. After the Time War involving the Daleks and the Time Lords, it was established that the armor is protected by a limited force field. The eyestalk seems to be a point of vulnerability and blinding a Dalek sends it into a state of panic.
I think there exisit somewhere in this universe. They are already here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sfandromeda, age 38
I think there exisit somewhere in this universe. They are already here!!!!!!!!!
michael lewis
do the public know the gov and the aliens are working somewhat together? is it secret because they the gov gave the aliens the ok to take so many people and do terrible things to them? is that the reason they dont go public?
Iszak Oneill
i am very interested in aliens, ufos etc. if the goverment were working with aliens dont u think they would we would have some technology from them? and if the goverment were working with aliens why wouldnt they tell the world?
Hello You Human. i m already here
i believe in aliens and dat but really they dont leave enough physical evidence and even if they did the government would just cover it up like they always do and if they couldnt then would we belive it? and would it start a global panic?
J D'Amelio
I like the Mini-series Fremen better than the 1984 flim version one. The Fremen in 1984 film, the stillsuits I never like and I loved the mini-series' stillsuits bettter. Fremen's Blue-within-Blue eyes, like it both, in mini-series & flim. Culture I enjoyed it more in the Frank Herbert's Dune & Children of Dune better.
normal one
maybe there are alines out there somewhere but untill we can search every inch of the intire unvirse life is just that possible
Brittany Hoagland
Me and my fiance were driving down the interstate when we saw a weird rainbow, we took pitures of it and everytime it came up a black dot type thing?! I've always been able to take pictures of rainbows, what do you think this could have been?
Aliens. Well I can't speak for all of them but we aarvigoonians are quite friendly actually. We just blend into the crowd when we land on another planet. We get on with our eternal lives with no intention to harm any living thing, unless it tastes nice of course. When you live forever you have to travel a little or you get terribly bored. We often help the most intelligent life forms of a planet to develop the technology they need to follow us on our journey through the stars. The squirrels of Earth are almost ready to move on, maybe a few more years.
Alexander Mitov
Hi, I'm from Bulgaria. I personally have seen an UFO. To be more precise both my brother and I saw one in the same place, at the same time. It was New Year's Day. We were having fun with our family. When the clock hit 12:00 we got out on the balcony to watch the fireworks in the sky. Suddenly from nowhere a bit transparent white saucer-shaped object appeared in the black sky. My brother and I were watching it slowly moving to the left when it hid behind a flat. After that we no longer saw it appearing on the other side of the flat. We were standing taken aback on the balcony thinking did we really see what we see. Now this event seems to my brother and I like a blurry image. I'm definitely sure that I saw an UFO. What I am saying is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. THEY ARE HERE!
sadness for humanity
aliens are real. there is no GOD. all religions were meant as a primitive guides for early humans, designed by humans to simplify the explination of how humans came about. once the human race realizes earth is but a speck of dust on the floor of the universe and use logic to find their purpose, all will be known. until earth moves beyond religion, government, money, and moves the priority of the advancement of the race up to #1, this planet will remain in the dark ages. this is why humans have not advanced in the last 500 years. the governments have used new technology indeed. why is public use of new technology restricted ? Earth has alot of growing up to do. until humans advance their understanding, eliminate useless persons/or make them usefull, have a larger mental capacity to understand and use information,attack problems with logic, and rid themselves of the rule government has over them there will be no contact with any alien species in any significant way.
Andy, UK
There are billions of stars in our own galaxy and billions of other galaxies, many with billions of stars. To think we're the ONLY life in the universe seems inconceivable to me. Our own galaxy is regarded as being around 100,000 light years wide. This puts things into comparison. Do they exist then? Probably. We are either not ready to receive them or we're not that important. Or they are too far away to reach us, and vice versa.
If aliens and people can be in communication with each other do you think maybe the person is an alien too?
if aliens and people can be communicating don't you think the person would be one of them?
ailiens aint real dey r nt proved n no1 has da energy n space time 2 get from a far away planet 2 ere!!!!!!!!! if dey r real y dnt u prove it n get 1 2 cum 2 this planet!!!!!!!! it simple u cnt prove it n ppl hu say dey af seen ufo r freeks dat jus want attention!!!!!
I HAVE HAD MADE CONTACED WWHIT AN ALIAN AND THEY ARE NOT WERID LOKING THEY HAVE GREEN AND GRAY SKIN. THERE HEADS AS BIG AS AN 14" T.V. AND THERE EYS ARE AS BIG AS AN HOURESEYE BIT NNOT BUG EYED. and they can tack yhe shap of any thing LIVING ever since i have made contaced whith them theyb r threring hurt mmmmmmmee and my frinds. this is not a lie i have realy made contaced
ur website rocks dude
sweet website dude its kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe aliens are real and maybe not.UFO's are what army use, and put alien dummys and people think that aliens are actually driving an air craft. But not. My theary, aliens is just not rea. Maybe God made them or somebody ele in the heavens and I don't think that aliens even exist.
Crop circles are made up by half humnan half alien. The humans don't want to give away their secret.
i was with my cosins and i heard this little girl crying so i looked around the corner and i seen a dead body and a sudden scream streat after and i have been so scared ever since.
Hassan Basha
hi i'm hassan and i would like to say my opinion ,could be true or not. i think there are alians in the universe cuz no way all this was created and there are more then 400 billion galaxy and the only life is on earth witch is just a small planet in one of the 400 billion galxies, but i think that the human are the smartest in the universe and the alian are not smart or more advanced then us the humans ,but they are like animals with no brain or any special talents.
i am absolutely fasinated by aliens and ufos and abductions. and i think that you are doing a great job informing as many people as you can about alien information. great website, i really enjoyed browsing around in it, and if i may, i will also credit your website in a english ISU paper i am writing. THANKS SOOO much!
julian ibra
thedrake ecuation a just ecuation for ether for life in galaxy e in other outer space
Could they be us in the future just revisiting there past and trying to correct things or could they be our past trying to grasp and understand the future or could have we destroyed our planets and migrated to earth living back a new breed of us.Could they be our old neighbours trying to understand new discoveries or they r all together just different civilisations.I find it so fascinating but agree with ur above points.I believe people have been abducted and some do make up the stories but what i have noticed is that since 2000 the stories regarding sightings and abductions r hardly mentioned.Do this activites grow thru a phase of time hence the silence.
i've been waiting for wotw for ages and now its finally coming out.The aliens look mint and i hope the tripods and the cylinder have cool special effects plus i hope we get to see the aliens in person (Or in alien) and i also hope they have the cool 3 way prism green,blue,red eye like in the old film
I Belive Aliens Are Real And Want To Meet Them But Do Not Want To Get Experimented On You Know Just Be Friends With Them Like A Third Incounter Or Fifth If I Had A Choice ..........Fifth.
well if we are evolved enough to greet them with the same expectation and acceptance then maybe they will show themselves, ther own evolvement in some cases is probably far ahead of ours and with all the wars and disruption afoot who would come here for a holiday
matthew fletcher
goa-ulds are not human they are symbiotic creatures who use humans as hosts and there home world is not chulak thats a jaffa homeworld home to apothises jaffa
Duke Webster
We always joke at or deny things we just can't believe exist. Who knows? I do not, but I have my thoughts. God, I believe, made me and my world. He could have made other worlds with living creatures. They, like we, may want to check out other worlds/planets. Someday, we will find hard proof of them in some dark cave and their belongings they brought with them. If I ever meet them, I will try to show that I am also interested in them & their world. I only wish that I can do this before I leave this life. There, I,ve had my say. God Bless.
You all have your choices,I say they're real.
I saw, some weeks ago, a show on NGC (National Geographic Channel) where they actually showed a group of people who MAKE crop circles for a fee. WHY someone would pay for a hole in someone's corn is beyond me, but...I figure, "there's one group, now that means there could be others." And the so-called Balls of Light are, basically, digital alterations I believe. Hehe, I'm an alien-skeptic-scifi-nerd
Being a Christian/skeptic, I agree with Duke Webster. But, if that WERE the case, and The Lord made the Earth, it says in Genesis God created man in his image, which, through Christian eyes, debunks the whole "little green men" theory. Also, I'm going out on a limb to say Satan may have had some, limited creation power, but that's a wild-eyed theory.
I could understand the fact that alien life could be merely virus and bacteria, although I'm pretty much grasping at straws here. But, I mean, that's not so hard to believe, considering amino gasses inhabited asteriods and comets and whatnot, perhaps some new glop made little alien viruses. And that the weird little men with huge heads was basically human instinctual fear of unknown stuff. Like people fear spiders, because they don't know if they're poisonoous, when in fact if we leave 'em alone, they...don't...bite.
Like earth their are planets in universe ware people living theirfore i strongly belive their are Aliens
Aliens really do exist, and if only i can tell what i saw when i was 13 i would, but its hard and i still have nightmares everynight
can they come throw gateways?or black holes.
Susan Foreman
A Krynoid is a life form which lives on a planet where often explosive eruptions blast some pods (they always travel in pairs) into space. These pods then set foot (metaphorically speaking) on a world inhabited by humans or another organic lifeform. Then the Krynoid hatches from its pod and takes over a human body to turn its flesh into plant cells. All the flesh is being absorbed by the Krynoid so it grows, always determined to eliminate all "planteaters". It can be destroyed only by high explosives, and the pods can by kept in cryostatic freeze by temparatures below zero. Note: Facts have been taken from "Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom".
Kilrathis are felinoid, not caninoid. Play the games sometime. :)
Aliens arent real!!!
chris badman
aliens have three eyes tehe and they are gouey
tevis ??
aliens will rule the earth sum day. n that is today. mwuhahahaha
Aliens are real their here, now, alive, watching. The truth is out there. and it's up to you too find it or forever be lost
alians r real people have seen them ihave seena ufo and i must adnitt that i am scared but but i have to belive in what i want to
aliens are not real, so stop lying about it. if they are then y avnt we seen them? or heard from them?
i what to know the truth about alians.
you's are all NERDS face it u will never meet an ALIEN, the truth is you's are the ALIENS,NERDS
I mean there has to be some one out there. There are like so many S.S. and Galaxy's. You got to think if we could make it why couldent someone ealse out there not. And if your asking. Why wont the government tell us about them because it could spread world wide panic and that would not be good. there are a lot of crazys out there if thay hear that there where aliens thay would panic like no tomarrow
I really agree with some of the things mentioned here. I have been researching inot this myself and have found that not only does the bible give us insight that we may have come from celestial beings, our ancient ancestors did too, Egyptians are an example. Star maps is one srouce i have been using and let me tell you its fascinating what can be done.
I hope that you guys aren't just screwing around with people like me, who are interested in the whole "UFO/Aliens" phenomena.
Thought I would throw my hat in and make a comment. First life is a miracle. No matter if you believe in Evolution or Creationism Both take faith to believe, the spark of life is something that is not totally explainable in either view. I know this is Sci-Fi but I believe that the Bible is the key to understanding our existence. Growing up I could not understand the how the two could co-exist but now that I’m older like many people I have my own understand of how we all came to be. So for what it is worth I going to explain each of my answers from my own unique perspective. Do you believe we are alone? No (Heb. 1:2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds.) If our world is a model of how God work there is much life not just in the universe but as close as the moon itself. Were just not being told the truth. Do you think UFO's are plausible? Yes, many of them being man made. (For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth Micah 6:12) This is why we don’t know publicly. Do you believe a UFO crashed at Roswell, New Mexico? Yes. We were and are lied to. (A true witness delivereth souls: but a deceitful witness speaketh lies. Proverbs 14:25
I think aliens exist! And I hope I'll know them!
I think us humans are the aliens....I don't think we came from apes..because if that was the case why aren't we evolving even more...
I think that humans are an exsperement that aliens made and just put us on what they might call a worth less planet. Also they constently spy on us to make shure we dont become to powerfull. They may be afrade that we may over power them in the furure. They might see us as usful and become our friends.
I was ten years old and i woke late in the night to a being standing at the foot of my bed. It had pale green skin and seemed to be glowing the same color. Also it had large black eyes that had a faint red glow around them. It seemed to be staring at my feet. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to go back to sleep. I did but then awoke again a little later in a large room on a flat hard table. in front of me i saw a large, 7-8 foot tall shadow. i sat up and tried to move but it seemed to shock me in the chest which pushed me back down on to the table. this happened a few more times as i kept trying to get back up. i don't remember much after that but when i awoke in the morning my chest hurt and i had a scar on my right bicep that was in the shape of a triangle. weird huh
It is possible that they exist :0
i think aliens are out there far away but how said there nice and how said there nasty and how said there smarter than us we are preety smart
i think we are not alone in this universe there are some lifeforms out there our galaxy was big enough
I am a Christian and have grown up around it, thinking that Jehovah is the only god. But I also believe that he did create other species. For the human species to think that we are the only existing life in "our", or so people call it, solar system is very self-centered of us. I have no proof of Aliens existence, I have not been abducted by them, I have not questioned someone who says that they have been abducted or experimented on by Aliens. So therefore, I can not prove that they exist. That brings me back to what I have said before, it is VERY self-centered of us to believe that we are the only living species. I mean no harm to anyone. As others have said, I do think that they are like us, eager to find a new species. Perhaps we have had contact with them. Perhaps the government wants to hide this away from us. Perhaps we are not the only species in existence. But no doubt, Jehovah does not want us to be like this, self-centered. I say these things so that you people who are reading this know what I say about Aliens. Bless those who agree with this message, and for those who don't, please find what we do know and take that information and turn it into something that u can rely on, Just as I rely on Jehovah! - St@rr/ Ari
Merciless Teddy Bear the 3rd
There are many different types of crafts, and yes they are extremely intelligent..of course!, they are here!..but nobody beliefs them!(for what good reason). To them, we are stuck in primitive thought patterns and beliefs in a lower level paradigm, yet they are friendly. Also we are not above there manipulation, or any other service to self abilities. There are lots of different races. Our bodies are bound to our genetics and genetic tendencies, but our soul and conciousness are not, yet our soul and body are symbiotic. Just because its out of our realm of thought, doesn't mean its not there!.=)
Yumi-san ^^
Well,i think that they really exist.I have heard so many stories about them and i know on which planet are they located...but i forgot the name of the planet..i know that the planet is in another black hole far away..for billions km.Aliens are like humans..they have babies,they have economy but they are asking us why are we drawing them so ugly.And they have done an experiment with a woman.She was about 60-years old.She said that she was eating a lot of meat...she was just thinking about meat...she went to the doctor..and there was nothing with here...Then she understood that the aliens are scrambled in her body(in her organs)..She can be 60 years old but she looked like a 40th woman.And aliens were have wondered why are we getting older and older?and i have seen so many other stories and evidences for the exist
Mayur Jyoti Baruah
hope we will meet aliens soon
collin mena
i think that there are other aliens out there that we havent see or thought we saw but i will say this if you have ever watched the ufo files or monsterquest if you watch those tv shows then it looks like the aliens have already found us and have plan to invade us right here on are own home planet di you know that scientist have dound more planets beyond pluto and that one of the planets is an exact replica of earth!!!!!! if that is true then what if there are aliens hiding there that are waiting for us to visit that planet that may be along time away but when we do we will b like this is a nice planet and we can live here and when we bring every body ther then boom!!!!!!! they invade us and kill us all in tow seconds and the ones that survive become experiments or slaves what if we will all die due to alien envasion this is all i have to say but i hope you read this!!!!
teja swaroop
i believe aliens.i thing they did good things for us & i thing they saved our planet for materials from our earth & they will rule our earth in one day
teja swaroop
I believe aliens.they did good things for us & they want materials from our planet to do some thing & i thing they only saved our planet be kind to them
i think that when it comes to thinking of alien life some where else we must first find out how we came into existence....how life came on earth and how did the most complex dna formed first.... if we can answer this question then we can later make assumptions of alien life... its like finding the information of construction of empire state building without knowing your own house
I believe we are not alone fact the universe is so big, a everyday in life tells me were not alone. . .if we were the only life form out here we would do more to save this planet!!
I think personaly the only way we or aliens will contact us is if we unite as a race because lets face it, we've been going in a downward slop since WW2 even WW1 actually, and unless we unite as a spicies theres no advancement or progress which we can do other than killing each other, just think of all the posibilities we can acomplish if we work together. Because the aliens are probably united and are waiting for us to unite and be at a similar technology level as they are. And until that happens then theres probably no way we will make contact with a ET. unless of course they see us as a threat to the galaxy or Earth even.
We are definately not indiginous to this planet. The human race reminds me more of a disease on the planet maybe put here by an alien race as an experiment and i dont rule out God either. We use up every natural resource then move on to the next area slowly destroying everything around us, plant life, animal habitat. If you look at how animals live there is a natural balance. Also it is in our nature to destroy each other, maybe we have destroyed other planets in the past and we have been put here with no advanced technology as a safety measure, but we have still found ways to destroy each other by building bombs that can destroy whole cities in the blink of an eye. If there are alien races more advanced than us out there i dont blame them for not wanting to contact us, they probably look at what we do to this planet and say no thanks and i believe that if alien technology fell into the hands of the government they would use it for evil.
ashwani ojha
we are in contact with people who are our replica from other part of universe. Ashwani Kumar Ojha
i do not think that they would attack us because i believe that they came from mars and mars had living things on it that made life and something happen so they came to earth but they could not live on this planet so left but while they was here i think they left behind something that strated life and that why ancient civilzation say that they have gods that came the sky but i do think that they came back and had a hat of some type to help them breath and they teached ancient people to build things and i also believed that we look like them and we might be related to them and watch us some times but this is only my belief o aliens. i think god made every one and thing
i beleive aliens/ufos are out there, i do not know if they are good or bad, but people have said they have gotten upducted by aliens, and people say they have had encounter ships with them also i was watching the history channel and they said WE ARE ALIENS.. a very long time ago when people were born they used to put wraps around our heads to make out heads grow up instead of normaly.. that is probably why poeple think aliens have big heads.. also people dont know how the temple got in our head.. people aslo say UFOS is undercover millatery equipment. well thats all im going to say if you want to here more. email me!
Ive been researching this and other topics for well over a year now and ive read some....outlandish theorys like how human life originates from the constellation Lyra (my favorite one), i believe that there are both positive and negative e.t.'s engaging Earth positive being the human aliens coming from places like andromeda, Plieades etc. and thr negatives being the Alpha draconians(reptilian aliens) and greys. Im also fond of Annunaki where we were experimented on and our dna tampered so that we could be used as a slave race by the dracos. Anyway thats what i think on aliens... email me
Alien ritesh
Alien are coming back in 21/12/2012 be wellprepared. This time they won't show any mercy like in 1356 so be prepared..
I was about 7 or 8 years old when I was awakened in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. This was in the lates 1970s, maybe 1979 or 1980. We didn't have cable, nor had I seen or even heard about what an "Alien was". My sister and I shared a full size bed. We didn't have any street lights or any kind of light outside. Living in the country, we were the only house out our road. I lay there a minute, looking around, confused as to what had awakened me, when all of a sudden, an extremely bright light shone through the bathroom windows that was adjacent to mine and my sisters bedroom. The light was bright, like sun shining, yet it was a straight beam that came out of the bathroom and shone in a stream past my bed. A few seconds after the light appeared, a tall, dark shadow like "thing" came walking out of the bathroom into this stream of light, went past my bed, and then into the kitchen which was right beside my bedroom (a straight walk past my bed). The figure was black with long arms and long fingers. It was skinny with a head that was small on the bottom and large at the top. It was like an outline because it was all black, like a shadow, but in a "Being" form. It didn't walk, it glided, past my bed and into the kitchen where it stayed gone for a few seconds and then would return and go back into the light. It did this about 3 or 4 times, going past my bed, disappearing into the kitchen, and then returning to the light beaming from the bathroom. On the fourth time, it disappeared into the bathroom and the light went away and it was gone. I lay there paralyzed with fear the entire time this event was going on. It took a minute or two after it was gone before I regained the ability to talk or even move. I grabbed my sister and shook her and was crying asking her if she had seen that. Of course, her being a sound sleeper, she didn't know what I was talking about. I was so terrified of that night that I ended up having to sleep in my parents bedroom floor for nearly two months. It has been nearly 30 years since I had that encounter with that unknown alien being, but it seems like it just happened yesterday, as the memory of that night is as plain now as it was when it first happened. I remember telling people about it my entire life, and my 6th grade teacher was the only one that I ever met that ever believed me, but it didn't matter, because I know what I saw that night and what I encountered was an alien being.
Pranjal Kalita
1)From my view it is not always important that aliens should be techniquely improved then us,so it will be difficult for them to communicate with us. 2)Since gravity of every planet in the universe are different,depending upon it their size and shape may varrey,not only that it would be very difficult for them to habituate to it which may cause internal change in their anatomy. 3)If we think about the 'expanding univerce'concept then everyone is going away from each other reselting in decrease in probadility of meeting with them. 4)Either theywould be our frien or enemy it is fully depend upon two factors1)power 2)method of communication with them. 5)I think we should be well prepared to wellcome them with secure steps.
youknow my ip
i think that we humans are aliens, and the other life forms of this planet belong in here. could you imagine other animals having technology like us humans in this planet? i think not because that is how they lived in this planet. but we humans have this knowledge where we could not find in other life forms in this planet. this is why in my opinion that we really are aliens.
I do believe we are the Aliens, I came to realization a day before sort of a out of no where epiphany it was the weirdest thing maybe it's the heat though lol. 103degrees in NYC makes you think kookoo, But This is such a awesome theory and i recently i have heard about the giza pyramid theory of how it produced hydrogen and satellites from space helped it out. Just so many question and i am only 21yrs old i just hope i learn more about the truth. Psilocybin helped me once to see the light ;].
I do believe we are not alone AT ALL. Due to the fact of count of how meny stars are out there. Not count how meny would have planets. Due to the fact that we, as in earth. are the 1% of them meny meny MENY!! planets that have life. So if there is only at least 1% of the life in the universe, now think how big the universe is. thats means there has GOT to be more life out there, somewhere. And i also believe they have already been here, MAYBE even still here. If they are here do you think the corrupt govenments in this world is ever gonna tell us. Look at how far we have come over the last 50 to 60 years, from old spitfires all the way up to stealth bommbers and other advanced stuff. also it is believed ufo's was on this earth MENY years before christ. Figures with what looks like breathing masks on, like we do today for our space uniforms. Another thing is look up advanced weapons being used by the US army in the middle east. now this may sound stupid and strange but there has been meny reports of some kind of laser tech weapons. I still yet to look into this stuff more but sounds intresting and yet being US useing these weapon i can believe the story all the more. Where would they get such hi-tech weapons. So with currupt govenments who i would never trust we may never find the truth. There are meny other thorys i know of but sadly can not be sure there true but yet sounds understandable. That human may be even MADE by aliens. You know of the story about humans and apes, who's to say that these aliens much more advaced as us didn't tamper with the DNA to make apes more intelligent. IE humans. I know, I know, I know. Sounds stuipd huh. But sit and think, WHAT IF!! They are out there guys and we will make contact one day, without the govenment interfering and almost inpossable to deny us the truth. I just hope it's in my life time.
i strongly beleive that we are the aliens people we see everyday , therfore we are the aliens . dont we travel space in UFOs to the moon ,mars and other place in the solur system? we are just another type of alien not seen by others on other planets
Joseph Bartolo
I am sure there are extraterrestial beings of other types rather than humanoids. There are species that resemble the horse type, dolphin and whale types and also the Locast and Reptilian Types as well. :) I am just naming a few by the way :)
The universe is infinite, so the possibilities are infinite. An infinite amount of life exisits throughout the universe, that no one here on planet Earth can even fathom.
I think we are aliens to this planet we resemble nothing, we have know earlier stages of evolution, if you say the ape, thats silly, for if a species is to evolve ( survival of the fittest ) the ones that aren't so fit are not left behind ( like the apes are ), so if apes is what we have evolved from, whey are they still kicking it on earth? you don't see the early stages of great white sharks floating around do you? i watched something about life existence past our world, 10,000 possibilities was the answer to the equation to estimate the number of existences there could be. 21/12/2012 the saying is "the world will end AS WE KNOW IT". p.s its 2 days before my b-day and i need the b-day money :)
aliens experimented with apes & got us. that's it.
I believe that alien ships run on anti-matter. I beleive this is true because anti-matter is the most powerful substance in the universe. I also beleive the halo worn on the aliens head is to transfer the energy(anti-matter) from their brain to the engine. Humans only use around 10-16% of their brains and aliens must use so much more of their brain if they can travel so much faster then we can. I also conclude aliens time travel(hop from one place to another in no time at all). Does anyone else beleive what I beleive? Does anyone else want to achieve this time travel and all this technology? but how?
I think the scientist in all over the world should do a lot more research about the alien and find proof to show us and the astronaut as well cause to find an alien it needs a good method and a good solution so why not put all the scientist mathematicians technology inventors and creators and all the smart people all over the world to gather up in 1 place and made an observatory to do there work you can build the largest telescope and build a technology that you could send and find an unkown universe were there is an alien life forms out there cause I believe that all my theory will do and if we follow my theory we will find the alien and other life forms and I beileve that we are not alone in the earth there is many other life form that we know that existed.
yo that gravity of an blackhole is so deep
i dont know about aliens but it is true if we dont care our planet,the aliens will be one and only in universe,cz we will destroy.
i really think aliens exist i think its an intresting subject and i would give my right arm to know wheather they exsists or if they dont.
Im not really sure if aliens exist we have some proof but we cant call them aliens straight away they could be similar to us but maybe they are even smarter and stronger, we dont know that much about space but the one thing caertain is space is bigger than you can imaginge........
Giorgos Xeristanidis
Propably exist in any case why do exist and is dificult to exist other life forms!?If Aliens come friendly or not we must be best prepared for any case.But if Aliens have be made condact i am sure the Goverments of Earth they hide it because the power of it (Relegion Nationality and Corporatism) will fall and a new renassance will be happend for humanity and the men of power dont want to happen again
sean mccarthy
I have a friend (GARY MOSHER)who had an encounter in the Virgin Islands aboard his sailboat and was looking for someone who has had a similiar experience or knows someone who has.Or possibly a hint in the right direction to a web site or chat room that could help in finding someone with knowledge of experiences like his "ET boarding" or maybe a list of 'sites or addresses' where he can share his experience with someone who might be able to offer an explanation or mental relief. Please send E-mail or information to--s.mccarthy61@-----------com
Kaloy Ako
I don't belive in alien...cause it was only a kind of fantasy and imaginary...
That is NOT SIrian. THat is a reptilian representation from Nebiru
Aliens exist in this universe and they live near the edge of universe. They can travel faster than light since they have advanced technology. They have existed before the first human being on Earth and they frequently visited Earth too. They even can communicate with chosen human beings on Earth but this only with selected people throughout human civilization. They have been using powerful radio waves in order to communicate with selected human beings. This radio waves cannot be detected by current technology of satellites or other means of communication since they have special code to do that.
Surender Pal Singh
Yes i belive that Aliens are in this Universe and One day they will surely come to us... As every one say that the Entire world will goning to end on 2012. But i dont think so, Because if this world can take Millions of years to build up the Human kInd so it cannot be destroyed so eaisly.. Aliens can save this as they are more powerful that the humans.... So i Belive that Aliens are not the Destroyer but they are the Saviour of this Earth...
patrick lawson
i think they are real and they are coming!!!
First of all i would like to say that humans are 100% an alien race,we are an alien species heres why 1. define an alien species. an alien species is a species which disrupts the natural balance of the native species and its enviroment. By definition alone we are already an alien species because wherever we go we destroy and dramatially change the earth's landscape. we kill entire ecosystems and numerous native species have become extinct because of us. we are the only upright creature on earth plus we speak while no other animal speak.we are not classified as animals so what are we? where did we come from? thats the real question. we are aliens and numerous propoganda in the media is distracting us from the fact that we are...the truth is our bodies have no physical limit and why is that? half of the worlds ecosystems have disappeared since our appearance. we dont belong on this planet because all we bring is destruction. that is why humans have been put on earth in isolation far away. we must escape.
I believe there is something is out there to restore all of our problems here on earth.. I believe that they will restore all of our other planets and moon into life just like earth..
when i was about 10 years old i was asleep in my bed. i had a sudden urge to get a drink of water, so i pulled the covers off over my face and when i did i was shocked. in my doorway was a tall black skinny figure and behind it was a blinding light, it just stood there moving its head looking at me. i couldnt see its face, color, or even what it was. There was just a black silhouette with a light that looked like the sun behind it. but what was weird is this light wasnt lighting up my room, it was just behind this figure. i rubbed my eyes to make sure i was really seeing what was infront of me. Me and my brother shared a room and had bunk beds, i tried to say his name but only whispers could come out. i didnt know what to do so i just pulled the covers over my face and waited. after a short while i took the covers off only to discover it was gone. i dont care if anyone doesnt believe me or what not. i am just interested in knowing if anybody had or knows of anyone having a similar experience to this.
Wow that was so fun.I really think aliens are comen i joke about it all the time.Me an my friends to haha
Hmmm if I were an alien visiting earth I think I would be very careful about contacting us. We are entirely to prone to shoot first an ask questions later
They look scary and they are very very dangerous. But what exactly do they do? I heard they eat Humans. And they put a tracking device to Ronon. Would a Zat gun be effective in eliminating one of them?
Jones Spirius
You have no idea
Sandeep Kumar
I agree that we are not alone in Universe.Deffeinetly some where in Universe some species also looking for aliens. Sandeep Kumar
i think that aliens also exist in the universe just we hav to do some efforts to search them , as i think that aliens landed in mexico where the video of it was made
I believe humans are alien to earth, why would we destroy our own planet. Other species live in harmony with the world...not us!
i believe that this so called GOD that all the christians talk about is just a power hungry alien who has control issues. he wants us to worship him so that when he comes back to earth we will be his "loyal subjects". by the way that quote is used by god in the bible. look it up. has anyone seen the movie or read the story "to serve man"? well, i dont think i need to say anymore...
how can we be alone in the universe, considering that there are over billions of planets in our galaxy alone, and there are over billions of galaxies in the universe. It is thought to be impossible that we are alone in the universe. Aliens may exist 1/2 a light year away, or even 10 billion light-years away. We hav no way of knowing. Aliens may never visit earth but whats certain is that there are aliens, were NOT alone in the universe, and there could even be many different types of aliens, not just one type that we think. One more thing: If people clain that they hav seen an actual alien, how is that possible? all there claims state that the aliens look like humans, except that there ear is lower, etc. But how can these aliens have 4 limbs, a nose, 2 eyes, 2 ears? We as humans evolved from a single-celled organism, how likley is it that these aliens have the same, or even similer body aspects close to humans?
How can we be alone in the universe, considering the fact that there are over a billion planets in our galaxy alone, and over a billion galaxies in the universe. You'd be stupid NOT to agree that there are some other sort of life form, or even many types. One more thing: for people who have claimed that they have seen actual aliens. When they descibe what the aliens look like, all the features are similar to humans. How can this be possible? We have all come from a single celled organsim, how likely is it that the aliens have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 4 limbs, 1 nose? Its completely miss lead people into thinking that aliens look like us. One thing is for sure, aliens do exist somewhere in the universe, whether it be 1 light year or 1 billion light years away.
I think this website is on to something. If there are really aliens out there then this website will probley other then the goverment or NASA but you guys know your facts about aliens.
I think that there is a whole lot of stuff out there to explore not just on Mars but on all different planets and galaxes.I believe they will come one day and we should be ready not ready to kill them but to welcome them to planet earth.Be prepared.
I think we should expect lots of strange and different forms of apperance in aliens, not just the green ones with the large heads and the big, black oval shaped eyes that are on telly.
juzer k
I do not believe in the existence of aliens ............. I havent watchd any footage and no one has been able to prove its existence ...nor have I heard of any alien abductions or u.f.o's....so the conclusion is simpe that I simply do not believe in the existence of u.f.o's ..............the writer of this article is a ..........
God loves to create things. I think he created many planets with other lifeforms on them. Some are hostile some are not.
need to know
I am i no doubt that in the uncountable multitude of worlds,and the infinty of space, that of course there exists more than man.Distance is the largest obstacle and man is in evolutionary terms short lived. We are just going to have to earn our worthiness and wait. Currently we live on narrow and level plane: our thoughts and acheivements are mostly based on whatwe see and touch.I believe in time our minds and science will evolve to broaden immensely, and maybe then we can begin to contemplate how miniscule our enviroment is, and genuinely explore life beyond our doorstep. One day man will be the alien whose existance is pondered elsewhere.
I firmly beilieve that humans are not the children of mother earth why i think that is clearly evident in are lifestyles etcetera compared to the rest of the species on earth also are man made environment which we need in order to survive we also are the only animal to manipulate his environment to meet our needs rather than adapt to our environment. instead of changing ourselves we change our environment. If we evolved from apes why is there still apes maybe a different species of ape rather than the one we evolved from ? we are not from this planet look around you we are an import that has adapted enough to live here under certain conditions ......................... Tim Bagshaw
It's great you've got the fact file on the Asgards! One little deatail, however. According to Stargate-Fusion.com, their other home planet is Othalla. But one of their home planets was destroyed.
Life sucking vampires. That's what they are. They feed on Human vital energy,not flesh, like the Magog.
human are aliens to this planet There is a cave in Romania deep underground where sunlight can not enter yet there is life
I was right. Othalla was their original home planet, but it was destroyed. Their current home planet is Orilla.
I want to believe.
I know we're not alone in the universe because there are too many worlds out there!
i think this webpage is false aliens doesnt exist
have you ever seen any andy
Why wouldnt there be any other life in the ever exppanding universe? i mean i really dont understand why or how somehting as big as the universe... which is bigger then the human mind could imagine..would only contain one inky dinky planet with life on it..and author..i need your name so i can site your words in my essay
aliens r not real and ne1 who thinks so is an idiot thats ure answer 2 this thing and god isnt real seeing is believing
aliens r false and all of u r idiots if u think so seeing is believing
like to see you and make, also powers
PhilSunday, 31st July 2016 10:27:10 AM
If nasa would spend 10% of their money contacting E T they would be WAY AHEAD.
never know what the furure holds!!!!
i think alians are real. i dont know how or where they are but i do know that they will get us sooner or later.
The idea that we are alone in the university is ridiculous!
To think that we are alone is truly narcissistic.
I believe that aliens do exist. We have only discovered 220 planets yet from 10^22 (aprox). So it is highly likly that the life exist on another planet, thought it may be in different form. refer my blog: http://alienworld.blogsopt.com
Andrew Reynolds
I watched a program about the possibility of life on other planets the other day, and one of the astronomers interviewed said: "...1 in 10 suns/stars have a solar system, and one in ten of these solar systems have a planet in the Goldilocks Zone (this means that the planet's surface temperature is just right to keep water liquid), so when you think of all the billions, perhaps trillions, of stars that are out there, life must almost certainly exist..." With the announcement of the discovery of Gliese 581b yesterday, it looks like this astromomer's theory is correct.
tomas mc cloy
before we devolop technology to break the spead of light barrier we will never find our cousins. I do not believe their is more life in this solar system
I beleive that we are the aliens on this planet and we are simply looking after it for a more advanced species. And this advanced species let them be like us or not. they just want to see how we would act without them here and under close supervision. I mean people suposedly see unidentified flying objects(ufo's) all the time and no one thinks anything of it most of the time. if they are seeing these "ufo's" then i say it is this more advanced species just checking up on us to see how we are behaving to each other. I mean pretty soon we are going to get out of hand and this sepcies will come back to our "planet". that being if our "planet" is even a planet and not just some "rock in a sand box" and just wipe us out with the click of a button i mean it is very un-nerving and creepy to think about. so let me know ur feed back. peace
Those Martians look like humanoid jellyfish creatures and it looks cool!
I think those Aliens are Venusians (aliens of Venus), not martians. I think they look awesome.
Ray Spires
Ya kno, aliens r weird. in da game HALO, the covenant aliens r hostile to humanity. oh yea, the aliens are UGLY. even more than my neighbor's mom!!! seriously
dear sir i am rajesh from india .i am verry intrest in space science your site is veery super. yours t.rajesh
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