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Aliens and Ancient Civilisations


There are people who believe that aliens have already visited Earth and shared their technology. This sounds familiar to those who have watched the Stargate television/film series. The reasoning behind this is that they say the technology and skill required for the Pyramids is far superior to what the ancient civilisations already had in their possessions at the time. The alleged sharing of technology is not limited to just Pyramids, but also to The Sphinx, Easter Island Faces, Stonehenge and other ancient monuments.

Pyramids have been found all over the world, the most famous are those in Mexico and Egypt. The Aztec Pyramids are made out of stone and don't have a point at the top, instead they have a flat base. Those below are from Egypt, if you have any Mexican pyramid pictures and don't mind seeing them on this site, send to ug at Universe guide dot com please.

Egyptian Pyramids

The Pyramids were believed to have been built thousands of years BC to house their dead pharaohs such as Khufu, Rameses and Tutankhamun. Their size along with their positioning has led many to believe that they were constructed with the help of other-worldly inhabitants.

The Pyramids are accurately aligned to compass points that some people believe the Egyptians wouldn't have had the known how to work out their positions to accurately. Their positions also match up in alignment to the three Stars in the belt of Orion. Ancient civilisations were skilled astronomers, the Greeks grouped stars into 48 constellations. The other 40 constellations were identified later on.

SphinxEgyptian Pyramids 2Sphinx
Thanks to Boris for these pictures.

Alien Head Start

The Earth is old, very old (about 4.5 billion years) but humans have not been on this planet for long. The first inhabitants of this planet were viruses, followed by prehistoric monsters then dinosaurs. The dinosaurs survived on this planet for hundreds of millions of years.

On another planet, the order of evolution would not necessarily follow the same pattern as Earth. Intelligent life could have appeared first instead of dinosaur like monsters. Over time whilst dinosaurs were still walking, they would be building buildings, space crafts, travelling through space. They could have visited Earth, seen its occupants then left after giving the people basic technology.

Some people will argue that the meteor that crashed into Earth wasn't rock but an alien space ship and the occupants were Adam and Eve. Over time the space ship would have broken up so that there is no longer any signs of it.


Just because ancient civilisations weren't able to build microwave ovens, doesn't mean they couldn't build Pyramids. Egyptians were skilled builders and they were able to build things without extraterrestrial help but with lots of slaves.

Until an alien race arrives on Earth speaking Ancient Egyptian/Aztec or Alien Technology is found, it is safe to conclude there were no alien collusion in the building of their Pyramids/temples etc. Why only stop at sharing building technology, why not teach them other skills or are they going to teach us them when they return. Just because they were ancient civilisations, it shouldn't be assumed that weren't clever enough to do such things.

In the films/Television

Stargate SG1

Stargate is probably the most identifiable example of a television series that's based around this theory. Throughout the series, they connect different ancient civilisations to alien worlds. They predominantly connect the Egyptian Gods to the Goa'uld alien race. Later on, they connect the Arthurian Legend to alien worlds.

Alien vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator storyline is that the Predators came to Earth and taught people how to build Pyramids in exchange for being hosts for the Alien monster which they hunt. In Prometheus, we find that the Xenomorphs were created by a race of Aliens known as the Engineers on a far off planet who (Xenomorphs) were created to kill.

Farscape - What was lost

Farscape, in the two part episodes 'What was Lost', Crichton discovers there is a connection between the people from Arnessk and Earth. Also in the Peacekeeper Wars, there's a big hint that the Peacekeepers are from Earth but don't mention the name.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica has that we are descendants of an alien race who lost their technology.

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