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The design and layout of the website has been designed by me ( Nigel Whitworth ), the contents of everything has been sourced from the Internet or is my own work.There has been no attempt to infringe any copyright ownership. Pictures of characters, spaceships and planets that have been sourced from the Internet and it is my belief that they are public domain photoswhich anyone can use. If I have made the mistake that they are not and you are the copyright owner then please send me an email detailing which pictures to CopyrightMatters at UniverseGuide dot com and I will deal with this post haste....

Information about Space Phenomenas and Pioneers have been researched on the Internet and where I can I have included Sources as Related Links. If you believe I have got a piece of information is wrong then please let me know atCopyrightMatters at UniverseGuide dot com.

It should not be inferred that this site is endorsed by N.A.S.A. or (AAO) Anglo-Australian Observatory due to that I have included pictures from their libraries. The links in the paragraph point you to their copyright notices. I have sought and obtained the necessary permission from AAO.

If you have been defamed by comments on this website which I hope will never be the situation then I will remove the offending comment immediately and would hope you accept an apology.Comments are checked regularly and any email using offensive words are not displayed on screen....

All trademarks are respectfully acknowledged ( alien, Predator, Star Wars, LucasArt, -> 20th Century Fox )( Star Trek, -> Paramount )( V, Babylon Five WarnerBros )( Farscape, Henson )( Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Blakes Seven, BBC tv )(Andromeda, Stargate; Tribune)(Battlestar Galactica Universal )

All other franchises are copyright of their respective owners.

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