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What is a Crop Circle?

Crop Circle Facts

What is a Crop Circle?

Crop Circles are either acts of mischievousness or genuine messages from alien beings from other worlds. If they were from other worlds, why then would they go about communicating with humans in such a bizarre way. A test, a way of communicating to us like the plaque we have put onto the side of the Voyager II satellite. It could be that they are probably scarred to communicate with us because its just one space ship of theirs compared to six billion people on this earth. A marking out for an attack plan or a sign to say I've been here like a graffiti artist does on a wall or a train to mark his territory

The Beginning

The first sighting is believed to have been during the latter part of the 1970's in England. The publics imagination quickly grew as no-one could "explain" the phenomena. Soon afterwards they began springing up all over the world.

People started calling them Cereologists and proclaim they knew about these things. However we just don't know how they are caused. Some Cerealogists have been tested by the testers producing a blatantly fake crop circle and asking them whether its real or not. Some have failed that test.


Crop Circles have been appearing all over the world, some have been so called genuine, others have been dismissed. At the height of the crop circle phenomena, the BBC carried out an experiment. With a farmers permission, they created a crop circle in his field and left it alone. They wanted it to be discovered by chance rather than them bring in an expert and possibly give the game away.

When the crop circle was "discovered", experts were brought in and their views were roughly 50/50 as to whether they were real or hoaxed. I wonder how many pictures you see on websites are actually of real crop circles and how many have been digitally altered for inclusion of websites.


The range of patterns that the crop circles come in can be quite complex. The best site that I've come across so far on the matter of Crop Circles which has a large database of pictures is the Crop Circle Research Site. When you find the Database search screen, enter the following references, uk00ee, uk00dg and us00ai. If incidentally, you have any crop circle pictures that you own copyright then please email to them me at CropCircles you know where.


As mentioned earlier, the media has got involved in the crop circle phenomena, BBC has done experiments. On their website, they have their own section dedicated to the subject matter. Hollywood has been a little slow to come up with a movie, the film Signs didn't appear until 2002 but by which time, their popularity had began to wane. The film tells the story of an American farmer who discovers the crop circles and then has to protect his family from the aliens when they arrive.


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